My closet of shame, embarrassment and humiliation

I cannot help myself.  I cannot resist putting on dresses, skirts/blouses, nightgowns, wigs, high heels with all the complete feminine undergarments; panties, bra’s, corsets, pantyhose, garter belts and stockings.  I have become totally addicted, including lipstick, lip-gloss, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, and jewelry. 

This is the contents of my closet at home. A complete total feminine wardrobe in every respect.  

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The closet I always dreamed of.  The one where Mommy, Sister, Wife, Mistress or Daughter would lead me over to.  The one where I would be asked. 

  • “Whose clothes are these?”
  • “Who brought these clothes?”
  • “Who went in stores (like Forever 21 or Charolette Russe) dressed as man, picked them out and tried them on before they brought them?”

After confessing that all the above was true.  They chuckled and giggled as they selected my bra, dress, corset, high heels and wig.  Told that I must dress in the clothes and model myself in front of them.   It was time to be shown my place.

 Oh, the shame, humiliation and embarrassment of having to dress this way in front of them as they laugh, gloat, and bask in enjoying the total power and control they have over me.  I am their weak helpless submissive.  They know it and I know it.

For my closet of shame, humiliation, and embarrassment is a double turn-on for me.  The wearing of the clothes coupled with the humiliation.  It creates a turn-on beyond anything I can resist.  So I dress myself from head to toe in their presence ready for even more punishment. 

I own the closet I dreamed – it is PERFECT. 

OH NO, it isn’t. 

It lacks one more dress.  The most spectacular feminine dress that a girl wears.   The closet needs that dress.  I have wanted to wear that dress my entire life.  The time is coming to wear the ULTIMATE FEMININE DRESS complete with all the accessories. 

The dress now hangs in my closet.  A reminder of how weak, helpless, and enslaved I am to my desires.  If I have to name the dress, you haven’t looked very hard.

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7 thoughts on “My closet of shame, embarrassment and humiliation”

    1. It does not have to be a FEMDOM marriage. My wife is tolerant (not participating or supportive). She treats this as my special hobby. I was thoroughly, completely trained and broken by a telephone FEMDOM mistress in my bedroom with my wife’s knowledge and consent. My wife’s only expectation (which was completely fulfilled) is that she would benefit for my being submissively trained to serve females. As you commented on in the prior comment, I have achieved a full complete total submissive persona and image. My submissive persona extends to all females including my wife who loves the submissive persona as it does greatly benefit her also. So if the wife is not interested in a FEMDOM marriage, it can still happen and benefit both parties.


      1. It was fortunate that your wife is at least tolerant to the arrangements. I guess she’ll come around as she realizes the benefits? Thanks for the clarification.


      2. You are missing the point. Having my wife “come around” is the furthest thing from my mind and not an objective at all. My point is that you can still partake in being a cross-dressed slave as a hobby while you are married to somebody if she is tolerant to a different type of hobby. If your motivated or thinking about trying to get her to “come around” to something she doesn’t relate to – that’s a recipe for problems,

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  1. By “coming around” I meant that she’ll develop a sense of satisfaction as her expectations are met (accommodation). The issue of her changing her views of cd or other alternative arrangements is a different matter. Culture changes much slower than an economy.


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