I’m not ready to be anybody’s husband

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Diane’s Bride

This is a story about a normal guy named Stephen and his girlfriend Diane.

Diane and Stephen have been living together for a few years in a quiet house in the suburbs. Diane had been trying to get Stephen to propose to her for several years, but Stephen was not ready. Every time the subject came up, Stephen would tell her, “I’m not ready to be anybody’s husband. Don’t you want me to be ready?” Diane was growing tired of this and started to work on a plan.

In the last year, their sex life had started to fall off. They decided that they would try experimenting with new things. They surfed the web and found many interesting websites that gave them plenty of new ideas. Diane was afraid that Stephen might be cheating on her either with another woman but she was not ready to confront him.

Stephen had always liked Diane to wear sexy lingerie to bed. She also loved the feel of the satin and silk next to her skin. She began to wear garter belts and stockings under her work clothes that made her feel sexy all day long. When she came home from work, she would rub herself over Stephen and drive him crazy. They began to try new things in bed. They even experimented with bondage. They tied each other up with silk scarves and teased each other.

One day Diane came home from shopping, she asked Stephen to help her undress. He recognized that one of the bags was from their favorite lingerie shop. He helped her carry the bags into the bedroom. When they got to the bedroom, she told him to undress, and sat on the bed to watch him. He knew she was up to something, but did not know what.

“Close your eyes, I have a surprise for you,” she said. He did, and she reached into a drawer to pull out a silk scarf. She tied it tightly around his head so that he could not see. Stephen was getting pretty excited by all this. He could hear her rummaging through one of the bags.

“I found something that I knew we would both enjoy.” He heard her moving around on the bed, but could not figure out what she was doing. Diane moved behind him and steered him toward the foot of the bed so that he was facing it. “Put your hands up,” she said.

He felt a metal bar that was suspended from the crossbeam of their four poster bed. Diane fastened leather cuffs around his wrists. “It’s a lacing bar. I found it at one of the adult toy stores. It’s really a spreader bar with cuffs at the ends, but I think it will do nicely. What do you think?” She asked.

“Well, I’m sure we can put it to good use.” Stephen had a raging hard-on. Diane came up behind him and began kissing the back of his neck and shoulders. She rubbed her hands over his body. He shuddered and began moaning.

“That’s enough of that. I don’t want you to get too excited.” Stephen could hear her undress and rummage through more of the bags. She came back behind him again and began to rub her silken body up and down his back. She was really getting Stephen excited.

“Diane, quit teasing me. You’re driving me crazy. Let me out of these cuffs!” Stephen struggled in earnest but was unable to free himself.

“Not just yet. I’m going to drive you stark raving crazy first.”

She renewed her pleasure assault on him. She ran her silky legs up his. “Don’t you love the feel of my stockings?”

“Oh yeah, they feel fantastic,” Stephen panted. He was going absolutely crazy. The blindfold was preventing him from seeing. He could smell her perfume mixed with her musk. Her silky body was rubbing all over his back. She was using her hands to stimulate his balls, chest and nipples. She avoided his penis, which was rock hard.

“Quit teasing me please!! Turn me loose before I lose my mind.”

She left for a moment and came back to him. He felt her wrap something silky around his penis. She began to stroke him. She would stop when he was ready cum. “What would you be willing to do if I let you cum?”

“Anything. You name it, and I’ll do it. Please just let me come,” Stephen pleaded.

“Ok, you got it. I’m going to pick out our costumes for the Halloween party this year. Do you agree?”

“Yes, but its only July. If you really want to pick out the costumes, that’s fine with me.”

“Ok, but I’m going to hold you to it. I don’t want to hear any complaining in October. Give me your promise and oath” She insisted.

“Yes, my solemn oath, promise and committment” Stephen moaned.

She began stroking him again in earnest. It didn’t take long for him to explode. He could never remember having such an intense orgasm. He hung limp from the cuffs.

“Diane, can you release me?”

“Yes I can, but I won’t. I need to take some measurements of you.” He felt her measuring around his chest, waist, arms and everywhere else. She even measured the length and circumference of his flaccid penis. He figured she was doing this to be funny. “I need to make sure that your costume will fit you perfectly.”

After measuring everything three times, she was satisfied. She left the room for a few minutes and then returned and released him. Stephen turned to her and kissed her. She led him to the side of the bed, sat on the edge, and pushed him to his knees. She spread her legs and put them over his shoulders. Stephen went to work pleasing her with his lips and tongue. “Diane, you are so wet.” It did not take her long to reach her first orgasm. Stephen continued to pleasure her until she had several powerful orgasms.

They continued to have great sex over the next couple of months. Diane bought an old-fashioned Victorian style lace up corset that she loved to wear. Stephen would strap her into the lacing bar whenever she wore it. Diane would occasionally use her silk panties to rub Stephen’s penis to orgasm.

One rainy Saturday at the end of September, Diane had that special twinkle in her eyes and asked Stephen if he would be willing to try something new. Stephen knew he should probably be cautious but he said, “of course I will.”

“Good, take off all of your clothes and jump in the shower.”

Stephen jumped in the shower and washed up. Diane came into the bathroom with her hands behind her back. “Now close your eyes and turn your back to me.” Stephen complied and he was soon blindfolded. Reach your hands straight up. Stephen put his hands up and Diane quickly attached handcuffs to them so that his hands were cuffed to the shower curtain rod.

“What are you up to Diane?” He asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

Stephen felt her rubbing a sticky cream all over his body. It didn’t smell very good and after a few minutes it began to tingle. “Don’t worry in a few minutes your skin is going to be baby soft,” she promised.

Diane finally released his hands, turned off the bathroom light and said, “Make sure you clean all of the lotion off. Use the liquid body wash I left on the ledge to wash all over. It will make your skin feel better.” Stephen removed the blindfold, but could barely see with the lights turned off. He rinsed all of the sticky goo off his body and began washing with the body wash. He slowly realized that he did not have any body hair below his head. Damn, I can’t believe she did this to me. I’m going to let her have it when I get out of here,” he thought to himself.

After washing himself, he got out of the shower, flipped on the lights and looked at himself in the mirror. He could not believe what he looked like. He was slim, but now he looked like a teenager. He dried off and went into the bedroom. When he saw Diane, his jaw dropped open. She was wearing a black bra, panties, garter belt, silk stockings and knee length hi-heeled boots. She wore her long red hair up. In her hand she held a riding crop.

“Close your mouth and come over here so I can take a look at you.”

He walked over to her and stopped. “Turn around slowly.” She ran her hands over him to check for stubble as he turned.

“Do you like how I look?”

“Hell yes, you look like a million bucks.”

“Stephen, I have been dressing in sexy clothes for you these past few months to improve our sex life and save our relationship. Now I want you to wear some for me now. Go over to the bed and put on what I have laid out for you.”

Stephen began to regain his composure. “I can’t believe you shaved my whole body. How am I supposed to go to work? What are people going to say?”

“You wear pants and long-sleeved shirts to work. How is anyone going to notice? Besides, you know that I have never liked your body hair. Besides, I think you look very sexy.”

“Ok, I guess you’re right. No one at work will see me. And now that it’s Fall, I won’t be wearing shorts outside.”

Stephen walked over to the bed and saw what she had laid out for him to wear. There was a pink garter belt, stockings, panties, camisole and tap pants. “You can’t be serious, you really want me to wear this?”

“Stephen, I know how you get turned on when I wear lingerie. We both love the way it feels. I thought it would be fun for us both to wear it.”

Reluctantly, Stephen picked up the garter belt and put it around his waist. “Let me help you with the stockings Stephen. I don’t want you to get a run in them.” Diane sat beside him on the bed. “Lift up your leg and point your toes.” She rolled up the stocking, slipped it over his foot and carefully pulled it up his leg. The feeling of the silk socking on his smooth leg made him shudder.

“What’s wrong?” Diane asked.

“I can’t believe how good that feels.”

“Of course it does, silly. Why do you think girls like to wear it? Now put on the rest of your lingerie.”

Stephen followed her example and pulled on the second stocking. He was careful not to get a run in it. The stockings had a wide band of lace at the top. Diane helped him hook the garter belt to the stockings. Stephen put on the panties, but his penis was sticking out so far that it was obscene. He put on the camisole and the tap pants. Diane had a big smile on her face. “How do you feel?”

“Like a guy wearing women’s underwear.”

“I know you like the way it feels because your pecker is giving you away. Seeing you that way really makes me horny. I just want to throw you down and have my way with you. You look so cute in pink.”

Stephen’s face turned bright red, but his penis was turning purple. Diane walked up to him and grabbed his penis through the tap pants and panties. She began to stroke him. He moaned. She stopped and said. “Not so fast.” She reached into a bag and pulled out a shoebox. “Put these on, they’ll complete your experience.”

Stephen opened the box and found a pair of pink pumps with a 2 or 3- inch heel. Stephen put them on and tried to walk around. Diane gave him walking lessons for the next few minutes. By this time his hard-on had subsided a little. “Stephen, I want you to see what it feels like to walk around in lingerie all day. Let’s do our normal Saturday morning clean up routine.”

“Oh come on Diane, you worked me up and now your going to make me wait? That’s not right.”

Diane swatted him on the butt with the riding crop and said, “You better get to work or I’ll show you how well I can use this thing.”

Stephen was shocked that she had hit him, but he knew better to argue with her when she was acting this way. “OK you win, I’ll get started.”

They spent the morning cleaning up the house. Stephen couldn’t believe how good it felt to wear the lingerie. The only drawback was the heels, but Stephen could see how they shaped his legs when he walked past a mirror. In the early afternoon, they sat down and ate some lunch.

After lunch Diane said, “why don’t you put on some clothes and we’ll run our errands. It will really turn me on to know that you are wearing that sexy lingerie under your street clothes.”

“But Diane, what if someone notices, or we get in an accident or something?”

“Don’t be such a wimp Stephen. Where’s you sense of adventure? Come on, it will be fun.”

Stephen gave in, and the two went back to the bedroom to get dressed. Stephen put on some khaki pants and a long-sleeved shirt. He hoped nobody would be able to see the garter belt or camisole straps.

Diane wore a silk shirt, a short skirt and pumps. She looked dynamite.

They left in her car. Diane kept her hand on Stephens thigh. She pulled on the straps to his garter belt, played with the tops of his stockings and rubbed his crotch through his pants. He had a raging hard-on by the time they got to the mall.

The stockings felt great on his legs while they walked around the mall. Every so often, Diane would rub his legs discretely. She whispered in his ear, “how do you feel?”

“Great. I can’t believe how good it feels to wear this stuff.”

“I can’t agree more. Let’s get you some new underwear.” She grabbed him by the hand and dragged him into Victoria’s Secret. When they left, he had half a dozen sets of garter belts, stockings, panties, camisoles and tap pants. Diane even bought him a couple sexy nightgowns. Stephen was glad that Diane pretended everything was for her.

On the way home Diane continued to tease Stephen. He was panting by the time they got there. Diane dragged Stephen back to their bedroom. She tore his shirt, pants and shoes off. Stephen tried to undress Diane, but she wouldn’t let him. She took a scarf out of her dresser and quickly tied Stephen’s hands behind his back. Without further ado, Diane forced Stephen back onto the bed. She pulled her skirt up and straddled his face. Stephen could see that her panties were soaked through. “Stephen, make me cum.” Stephen went to work on her with vigor. He tried to free his hands, but Diane had tied him too well. Diane leaned back and ran her hands over his silk clad body. Stephen was moaning. He needed to cum so badly. He tried to squirm out from under his wife so that he could more easily free his hands, but Diane only forced herself down on him more.

Diane had several powerful orgasms before she finally climbed off his face. “Stephen you are really getting good at that. Maybe you are really a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.”

“I’ll be whatever you want as long as you give me some relief. My balls are turning blue!”

“I want you to save up your strength for tonight. Just relax for a few minutes and I’m sure the swelling will go down.”

Diane lay down beside him and stroked his face. After he had calmed down she said, “let’s go fix some dinner, and after that we can play some more. I have another present for you that I am really going to like. I can’t wait to give it to you.”

“What is it? Don’t tell me that and keep me in suspense. Let me see what it is,” Stephen pleaded.

“Nope, come on, let’s go make dinner.”

Diane actually had Stephen do most of the work. She had been teaching him to cook for the last few months. He served a nice dinner with some wine. After dinner, Diane had Stephen clean up while she “freshened up and got his present ready.”

“Stephen, come back to the bedroom, I have your surprise ready.”

Stephen walked to the bedroom and saw his girlfriend standing in her corset, stockings and high heels. “Take off all of your clothes, including your lingerie.” Stephen took off his outer male clothes, and reluctantly removed his lingerie. He noticed that Diane had fastened leather cuffs to the four corners of the bed.

“Ok, lie down on the bed so that I can give you your present.”

Stephen lay down on the bed and Diane quickly fastened his arms and legs with the cuffs. She tightened the straps attaching the cuffs to the bed so that he was spread eagle and could barely move his arms and legs. Diane pulled out a scarf and tightened it around his eyes so that he was unable to see. Stephen had another raging hard-on.

“Your not going to leave me with blue balls again are you? I’m really getting frustrated.”

“You haven’t really experienced frustration yet, but you will,” Diane stated flatly. Before Stephen could reply, Diane planted her legs on his arms and lowered herself onto Stephens face. She was facing away from Stephen and was able to lean down and stroke him with her hand. She picked up his silk tap pants and stoked him with them. They went to work pleasing each other. Every time Stephen neared orgasm, Diane would stop. She ground herself onto him until she reached orgasm. Once she had climaxed, she stroked Stephen in earnest. After all the build up, Stephen really blew his load. He was light-headed after being denied all day.

Diane got up and got a cool washcloth. She proceeded to clean up Stephen’s mess. “Are you ready for your first surprise Stephen?”

“I suppose I am. Can you remove the blindfold so that I can see it?”

“No, I don’t think I will. I want you to guess what it is.”

Stephen could hear her rummaging through a box. He heard a chain rattle, but couldn’t figure out what she was up to. “Lift your butt off the bed please.”

Stephen complied and felt her slip something hard and narrow around his waist. She grabbed his flaccid penis and stuffed it into a tube.

“Hey what the hell are you up to?”

“I’ll show you in just a minute. I’m really going to like your present.”

Stephen felt her pull something between his legs, and felt her attach the tube to something. He heard a couple of clicks, and felt her push a metal plate over his groin followed by another click. “Can you guess what it is?”

“No, it feels like a metal jock strap with a penis tube.”

“You’re pretty close. Hang on a second and I’ll take off your blindfold.” Diane left the room and returned a few minutes later. “I have another present for you too.” She removed his blindfold and he lifted his head to see a metal belt wrapped around his waist. There was a metal plate extending over his groin.

“What the hell is it Diane?”

“It’s a chastity belt silly. I’ll explain it in a minute. Don’t worry, just go with it and trust me. You do trust me don’t you?”

“Of course I trust you, this is just a little out of the ordinary.”

Diane released his feet. She pulled out a pair of steel handcuffs and attached one to his left wrist. She released it from the leather cuff and quickly connected the other cuff to his right hand. “You don’t need to do that, my arms are starting to fall asleep.”

“I just have to be careful. I have one more present for you. I think you will like this one a lot.”

She pulled Stephen to his feet and led him to the foot of the bed. She quickly attached his wrists to the lacing bar and removed the handcuffs. She pulled out a large box that was gift-wrapped in very pretty and feminine paper. “Can I unwrap it?” Diane asked.

“I think that is a good idea since I seemed to be tied up at the moment.”

Diane carefully un-wrapped the paper and took out a long box that was equally feminine. “Can I open the box to see what it is?”

“Of course Diane.”

She opened the box and showed him a very pretty corset. It looked to be made of white silk. There was pink embroidery along the bones. There were also numerous garters hanging from the bottom. She opened it so that he could see the inside. It looked as though it had a cotton liner on the inside. “Oooh, this is so pretty” Diane exclaimed! “I picked it out, but I had not seen the finished product. I wanted to see it at the same time you did. What do you think?”

“I’m speechless. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything as pretty as that,” Stephen said.

“Me either, I can’t wait to see you in it.”

“It’s for me?” Stephen croaked.

Diane stood behind him and wrapped the corset around his middle. It reached from his underarms to his groin. She was able to work it under the chastity belt. He quickly realized that the feminine look of the garment was a lie. It was heavily boned and quite restrictive. Diane tightened it as much as possible. “There is still a four inch gap in the back where the laces are. Since it’s the end of September, you only have a few weeks to lose four inches off your waist. Don’t worry though, I’ll help you.”

“I guess I’ll be going to the Halloween party dressed as a woman.”

“You’ve got it.”

“What will you be wearing,” Stephen asked.

“I’ll be wearing the pants.”

That made Stephen a little nervous. Diane fastened white stockings to his corset and put some white pumps on his feet. She released him from the lacing bar and put a short, tight dress on him.

“I don’t get it, why the chastity belt and the corset? Why don’t you just buy a bigger dress? It would certainly be a lot easier.”

“Oh I forgot to tell you. You are going to be my bride. Since your dress is white, I thought it would be appropriate for you to be chaste for a month. Maybe longer if you don’t lose enough weight to look good in your wedding gown.”

Indignantly, Stephen said “a month! I can’t go a month without sex. That’s not fair! I’m not going to go along with this. Let me out of this stuff right now!”

Diane gave him a light smack across his cheek. “Think back to July. You promised that you would do anything I asked if I let you cum. I let you cum. In addition, you agreed to let me pick out our Halloween costumes. Are you going back on your word?”

“Oh come on Diane, you know that I didn’t intend for you to do all this. This is totally unreasonable.”

“For centuries women have been doing this exact thing for men. It won’t do you any harm to spend one month this way. If you want out, you can have it. But if you leave, we’re through. I don’t want to spend any more time with a man who won’t keep his word. And if I leave Stephen, one little thing. All the escapades of today have been taped by a little spycam on the dresser. It’s loaded on the web already. I given you my solemn oath, commitment and promise that if you don’t give 100% cooperation, I will place the video’s on the internet and send emails to your friends to watch it”

“Ok, ok, I see I don’t have any choice.”

Diane smiled, grabbed him and kissed him passionately. “Great, I don’t want to hear anymore complaining from you. If you start whining, I’m going to use the crop or my belt on your bottom.”

They spent the rest of the night cuddled up on the couch watching movies. Stephen had difficulty getting comfortable due to the restriction of the corset.

When it was time for bed Diane helped Stephen to undress. Diane said, “I have another present for you.”

She handed Stephen a present that was wrapped the same as his bridal corset. He opened it and found a long white corset in the box. This one was simpler than the one he wore. It was made out of cotton instead of being lined with silk.

“This is your night corset. You will wear it every night. It will prevent your body from expanding after we remove your daily corset.”

“My daily corset. You can’t be serious.”

“I’m totally serious. Remember your promise. I’ll let you see your daily corset in the morning.”

Diane laced Stephen into the night corset and they climbed into bed.

“Stephen honey, I’m really horny. Can you be a dear and help me out?”

“You’ve got me locked into this damn chastity belt. What am I supposed to do?”

“Use your tongue and your mouth of course.”

Stephen grumbled about this request, but he complied. He was getting much better with his tongue. After a while, Diane climaxed. She sighed and rolled over on her side. “You’re going to be the most wonderful bride.”

His penis tried to get hard in its prison, but was unable. “Can’t you please let me out, this thing is painful.”

“We made a bargain, and you know the consequence of breaking it. If you persist in your whining, I’ll whip you tomorrow morning.”

Diane quickly slipped off into a deep sleep. Stephen tossed and turned. He was uncomfortable in the restrictive night corset and the chastity belt. Eventually he slept some.

When they got up the next morning, Diane removed Stephen’s night corset. Due to the chastity belt’s design, Stephen had to sit down to pee. They jumped into the shower and washed each other. The chastity belt had a fitting that allowed water to be sprayed into the penis tube to allow it to be cleaned without being removed. They dried off and returned to the bedroom.

“Put your arms up so that I can strap you to the lacing bar.”

Stephen complied. Diane left the room and came back in a few minutes. She unlocked the chastity belt. Stephen’s heart leaped from his chest. “Great, I can’t believe you’re taking that thing off!”

“Don’t get too excited. I just want to check that it is not rubbing on you too much and that we are able to clean your penis sufficiently with the spray attachment.” She examined him and found things to be satisfactory. “Let me get out your last present.” She pulled out another box that was wrapped the same as the others. “You are going to wear this corset everyday until Halloween. It will help you to lose weight and will make your waist narrow enough to wear your gown.”

The corset was white and covered with satin. It was not as elaborate as the bridal corset, but it was very pretty and heavily boned. It had eight garters hanging from the bottom. On the inside, it was lined with cotton. Diane pulled out a tube made out of spandex. She pulled it up Stephen’s body. This will protect your skin from the corset and will protect the corset from your body’s oils. Diane tightened the corset as much as she could. She put the chastity belt back on and locked it. Next she pulled out a pair of white stockings from his drawer as well as the matching panties, tap pants and camisole. “I have one more tiny little present for you.” She pulled out a bag that contained some chains. She attached the chains to d-rings on each side of his chastity belt. At the end of the chains were thigh cuffs. She put the cuffs around his thighs and locked them on. Diane locked a short chain between the cuffs. “This little chain will keep you from spreading your legs too wide. We ladies have to learn to be modest. Oh yeah, you obviously won’t be able to wear pants. If you want to wear something, it will have to be a dress.”

She left the room for a few minutes and then returned. She released Stephen from the lacing bar and helped him put on the rest of his lingerie. “Do you want to run around in your lingerie today, or would you rather wear a dress?”

“Well it’s not much of a choice. I still can’t believe you are serious about this. This is really kinky. I guess I’d rather wear a dress than run around in underwear.”

Diane insisted that Stephen wear hi heeled shoes again. She gave him a plain black dress and helped him put it on. She sat him down and made up his face. “You don’t look too bad now. If I get you a wig, you could probably pass as a woman.”

Stephen looked into the mirror and was surprised at the reflection. He looked sort of like a butch woman. Diane gave Stephen a short white apron and tied it around his waist. “You need to practice moving in your new clothes. What better way than cleaning the house, or would you rather go shopping with me?”

Stephen gladly spent the rest of the day cleaning up the house. The last thing he wanted to do was go out in public looking the way he looked.

When Diane came home from her shopping excursion she had more bags. Stephen helped her carry them in from the garage. “I’ve bought you a few new presents, but you can’t have them all right now.”

“Thank goodness for small miracles,” Stephen thought to himself.

They took the packages to the bedroom and piled them on the bed.

“Sit down at the makeup table and close your eyes.” Stephen did what he was told. He felt Diane fitting a wig over his head. “Ok, open your eyes and tell me what you think.”

Stephen opened his eyes and looked back at an attractive blonde woman. Diane placed a series of blonde and brunette wigs. “I think you look best as a blonde. Besides, blondes have more fun!” Diane put a shoulder length blonde wig on Stephen. “Let’s keep that on for the rest of the night and see how we like it.”

For the rest of the afternoon, Diane gave Stephen lessons on sitting, walking, holding his hands, doing his nails and a myriad of other female things. When it was time for supper Diane said, “you are going to be the most beautiful and graceful bride. I can’t wait for Halloween. Then we can live happily ever after!” The last statement made Stephen a little nervous.

For the next few weeks, Stephen was laced into the white corset during the day and wore a longer night corset to bed. Diane removed the chastity belt every few days to clean Stephen, check for rubbing and look for any other problems. Stephen was never allowed to cum, but he was forced to use his tongue on Diane frequently. Along with the corset, Stephen wore stockings, panties and camisoles under his work clothes. Stephen never took off his sports jacket at work as it helped to break up the shape of the corset. Gradually Diane was able to lace Stephen’s waist down to 24 inches.

Although Halloween fell on a Tuesday, their friend’s party was on the preceding Saturday night. The Monday before the big day, Diane was very excited. She gave Stephen a new corset and laced him in extra tight before he left for work. She called him several times during the day to check on him. On Friday, Diane took them out for a steak dinner. Stephen wasn’t too surprised when he was only able to eat a few bites of his steak. They went to a jazz club where they could enjoy a few drinks and dance. Diane loved putting her arms around his middle and feeling it compressed by the corset. When they sat at their table, she put her hand on his thigh and played with the garter straps and the tops of his stockings. She could see Stephen’s eyes rolling back in his head. He was in pain from the chastity belt, which was preventing his penis from expanding.

Mercifully, Diane stopped playing with his leg and he was able to calm down. Diane was still very excited when they got home. She was so horny that she ripped Stephen’s clothes off him and practically threw him on the floor. She quickly straddled his face while he ate her to several orgasms. She leaned back and rubbed her hands over his corseted body. It gave her such a thrill to know that she had such control over him. Now he was truly what she wanted. He helped around the house, was polite to her friends and parents. He even seemed to enjoy pleasuring her with his mouth. There was just one more step.

On Saturday morning, Diane woke Stephen up early. She was very excited about the party that evening. She had Stephen laced into the new tighter corset and had him put on a sweat suit. Around noon, the doorbell rang. It was two woman. One was Charlene who was introduced to me as the bridal photographer and videographer. Thde other was Joanna, who ran a hair salon and was one of Diane’s friends. Charlene started the video camera immediately. Joanna brought in a bunch of stuff. Stephen was completely taken aback by this sudden invasion of their private space. “Joanna is here to do our nails, makeup and hair. Don’t you want to be the beautiful bride?”

“Of course I want to look good in my costume, but don’t you think this is carrying it a little too far?” Stephen replied.

“After a month wearing a corset, panties and stockings I would have thought you were over your male ego.”

Joanna got a big smile on her face. “You’ve had him wear a corset for a month? Quick, let me see!” I would later much learn that Joanna was well aware of everything from the beginning. This was beginning done to humiliate me and show me my place.

“Hell no I’m not going to show her my corset. It’s embarrassing.”

Diane stormed over to Stephen and slapped him across the face. Stephen was stunned, while he was standing there; Diane ripped down his sweat pants and pulled up his sweatshirt. His panties, stockings, corset and chastity belt were exposed. When Stephen recovered, he tried to cover himself up, but the damage had already been done.

Joanna was standing there with her mouth hanging open. “How the hell did you get him to wear all that?”

“It was easy once I locked the chastity belt on him. Once his penis belonged to me, the rest followed. You should get one for your boyfriend. It’ll really help your relationship.”

Diane pulled up Stephen’s sweat pants and allowed him to pull down the shirt. Joanna spent the next few hours doing their fingernails, toenails, hair and makeup. She had even brought a piercing gun. She pierced both of Stephen’s ears as well as his nipples. The nipple piercing hurt a bit. Before Stephen could dress, Diane used hair remover on his body and got rid of any evidence of new growth.

Joanna and Diane had Stephen put on a very long and delicate white silk camisole. Next they strapped him to the lacing bar. Diane showed Joanna how to properly tighten the corset and tie it off. Between the two of them, it did not take long for Stephen to be gasping for breath. They did not stop until the back of the corset met. She attached the thigh cuffs to his legs and to the chastity belt. She then locked the little chain, which would prevent him from spreading his legs very wide. Diane then pulled out some patterned white silk stockings and eased then up his legs. After a month of being celibate, Stephen was moaning. Diane went into the spare bedroom and pulled out a large bag. She opened the bag and pulled out an enormously full petticoat. Of course it was white lace. She had Stephen step into it, pulled it up to his waist and tied it off. It made a wonderful rustling sound as it moved. Diane put white high-heeled granny-style ankle boots on him.

“It’s time for me to get ready. Don’t go anywhere while I’m away.” Diane and Joanna left the room. Stephen was still fastened to the lacing bar. He was forced to stand upright due to the compression and length of the bridal corset. It was extremely tight. The boots were not too tall, so he was not too uncomfortable. He looked at the clock and realized it was only 4 PM. They did not have to be at the party until 8. For the next couple of hours he heard Diane and Joanna laughing and talking. At six o’clock the doorbell rang. He heard more voices. This time there were both male and females. There was more laughing and talking. At around 7 PM, Stephen’s arms were numb from lack of blood circulation. Diane and Joanna came back in and helped him to stand when he his arms were released. They pulled very tight leather gloves over his fingers and all the way up to his armpits. It took a while for them to get them all the way on. Diane left the room, but Joanna carefully pulled the wedding gown over his made up face and arms. The gown fastened in the back with many small buttons. It had long sleeves, a high choker collar and a very full skirt. Once the collar was fastened, Stephen was unable to turn his neck more than a little bit. Diane pulled out a beautiful long blonde wig. Once it was on his head, the hair reached all the way to his narrow waist. Joanna used her skills to tie it up on top of his head in a very graceful hairdo.

The feeling was starting to come back into Stephen’s fingers despite the tightness of the gloves. The gloves had boning in the fingers that prevented Stephen from moving them very much.

Joanna touched up Stephen’s makeup. When she was done, she fastened a long white veil to Stephen’s wig and pulled it down to cover his face. Stephen was dying to see what he looked like, but Joanna would not let him see. Joanna said, “Put your hands behind your back please.”

Stephen complied and felt Joanna fasten handcuffs to his wrists. “That should keep you from peeking at yourself or doing any damage to your hair or makeup. Stay here while I help your groom get ready.”

Joanna left Stephen sitting at the makeup table with his hands cuffed behind his back. It felt good to sit down, so he didn’t get up and move around. He tried to see past the veil, but it was too tightly woven for him to see his reflection in the mirror. Stephen could not believe all of the sensations. His feet were tightly laced into ankle boots with 4” stiletto thin heels. He was wearing silk stockings, which were attached to a very tightly laced corset. His arms were encased in soft leather gloves, which reached all the way up his underarms. He was unable to remove them due to the gown’s long sleeves. Under the gown he wore a full petticoat that rustled every time he moved. The corset forced him to keep his back straight. The chastity belt held his penis in place and prevented him from touching it or getting an erection. There were two chains, which reached from the chastity belt down to thigh cuffs that were locked just above the tops of his stockings. There was a short chain, which was locked between the two cuffs. This prevented him from spreading his thighs more than six inches.


Joanna walked into the room “Get up Stephen and let’s go.”

“Aren’t you going to unlock these handcuffs?”

“Hell no, Diane told me she didn’t want you touching yourself or your makeup. She doesn’t want you to see what you look like in the mirror either.” Joanna helped Stephen to his feet and walked him to the front door. They walked out the door and there was a limousine parked in the driveway. The driver helped Stephen into the backseat, which was not easy; since he was wearing the petticoat, long gown, handcuffs, corset and thigh cuffs.

“Where’s Diane?” Stephen asked when he realized that she was not in the limo already.

“She’s going to meet us there. Don’t you know it’s bad luck to see the bride in her dress on their wedding day?”

“Aren’t you guys taking this a little too far?” Stephen asked.

Fortunately the party was only a 15-minute ride away. When they got to the party, Joanna and some of the other guests helped Stephen get out of the limo. Just before they got to the front door, Joanna had Stephen stop so that she could remove the handcuffs. She put them in her pocket and warned Stephen that they would be put back in use if there was any misbehavior.

When they entered the front door, everyone turned to see them. The host and hostess greeted them. The hostess Michelle, who was a judge, was dressed in her robes. Stephen thought, that’s not terribly original, but kept his thoughts to himself. Everyone at the party was dressed in one costume or another. There were superheroes, TV stars, vampires, ghouls, etc. The party had evidently started early because the place was really loud and people seemed to have had several drinks. Joanna led Stephen to the master bedroom. She pulled out a small makeup kit and fixed their makeup and hair. She was careful to prevent Stephen from seeing himself in the mirror.


“Where’s Diane? I thought she would be here already.”

Joanna responded, “don’t worry your pretty little head about it. She’s here already. She gave you this note to read”

The note simply said “total complete obedience or Else and I MEAN IT”.

It was quite clear they were not debatable particularly at this point.

The hostess, Judge Michelle, came into the room. “Things are all set. Are you guys ready?”

Stephen questioned, “Ready for?”

Joanna said, “Don’t be silly Stephen. The bride has to make a grand entrance. Stand up so I can take down your bustle.” She took down the bustle and Stephen realized that his gown had a train that stretched several feet behind him. She bent down to straighten up so that it looked pretty.

Michelle’s husband came in with a large bridal bouquet.. Joanna showed Stephen how to hold his hands together in front of him so that he wouldn’t drop the bouquet. He did as he was told; Joanna wrapped several ribbons from the bouquet around his wrists and tied them tightly. The bouquet in front of him now bound Stephen’s hands together. “Hey that’s not necessary. Untie my hands!”

“You have a choice, handcuffs or the ribbons.” Joanna replied. Stephen was stunned and just stood there. “We’re ready now Michelle, let’s get this show on the road”

“Ok, let me get things started.”

Stephen had a sinking feeling in his stomach. His legs were starting to get weak. It was all he could do to stand up. He could hear the party settle down. The door opened and the music started. Oh god, it was “Here comes the bride”. He started down the hallway toward the long spiral staircase. Michelle was in front of him and Joanna was behond him carrying his train. Charelene was ahead of us to videotape my entrance. Everyone in the crowd turned to stare, clap, applaud as Stephen came down the staircase. They walked carefully down the stairs. The guests had formed an aisle and Stephen crossed the room entering into the outdoor patio. There stood Diane, dressed as a stunning, sexy dominatrix. Tight black corset, long black stockings, high heel boots, long flowing red hair with a very large bullwhip attached to a belt around her waist. She was smiling as she held a pink collar and leash in her hands. I was lead to a center of the room. Michelle turned and took out a book. She told us to face one other. Diane was clearly sexier, hotter and more procative and stunning that I had ever seen her.


“Do you Stephen, fully, freely, and publically swear, attest, and affirm that you agreed to attend this party as a bride? On my god, how humiliting, embarrassing and mortyfing. But he had read Diane’s warning. “I do” Stephen replied


“Do you Stephen, fully, freely and publically acknowledge that you trained for your bridal debut every single moment day/night for the last 30 days?” On my god, it cannot get any worse he thought to himself. “I do” Stephen replied


“Do you Stephen, fully, freely, and publically acknowledge that you now own lots of pairs of panties, bra’s, garterbelts, stockings, corsets, high heels and dresses”. Wrong, she just made it far, far worse. “I do” Stephen replied


“Do you, Stephen fully, freely and publically swear, attest, and affirm that when your girlfriend Ms. Diane Myers dominates, disciplines, and punishes you that this really turns you on?” Ugh, public acknowlegent – he felt so, so ashamed. “I do” Stephen replied


“Do you, Stephen fully, freely, and publically acknowledge that this has been the most exciting 30 days that you’ve ever had?” “I do” Stephen replied


Michelle smiled and closed the book. “As judge of this party, before I bestow the bestow the final party vows, may I ask for the audience’s applause or boo’s as to whether this has been the most guty Halloween outfit/performance they have ever seen?”


The applauses were loud and seemed to be unanmious. Michelle continued.


“Do you Stephen, fully, freely and publicaly acknowledge that from this moment on your new name is Stephanie Myers?” I swallowed hard. “I do” Stephanie replied.


“Well then, I do prounce you as Ms. Diane Myers fully feminized submissive bride to have, hold, and keep until or unless she decides differently. You may kiss each now”. Diane moved forward and kissed. Wow, what a deep probbing, tongue kis. She continued kissing as everybody laughed at the length, passion and intensity of the kiss. When we broke Diane took the pink rhinestone collar and leash attached it to my neck over my high bridal collar. She then took the handcuffs from Joanna and cuffed me hands over the pink bound ribbons still holding my bridal boutique. She then whispered in my ear “no drinking for you Stephanie. We will leave the party in the limo. They will take us the our bridal suite. Yes, dear Stephanie, you are getting the full complete bridal treatment including the bridal night”.


Well, if that was not embarrassing enough, the next 2 hours at the party were public hell. Total complete public humiliation. Leashed to Diane, not allowed to drink, being lead to all the guests personally introducing myself as Stephanie Myers. The woman gasping as to how she got me to do it and the man either being “macho” insulting or even trying to hit on me.


After we had met personally met very single party member, Diane whispered what out parting words would be. Mine were clearly designed for total humiliation to be expected at this point. “Folks, my bride is just dying to get to her bridal suite. Throw your bouquet, Stephanie” she instructed. “I want to thank Diane, for a night I never, ever, ever will forget. Although she has promised the best is yety to come in our bridal suite” as I threw my bouquet. As we started to leave, Diane called out to make sure Charlene was coming. “The night will not be complete with the bridal boudoir image and video’s”she exclaimed. We were joined in the limo by Joanna, her husband, and bridal photographer.


As we got in the limo, Diane laughed hysterically. “Look at you Stephanie. You are completely, absolutely, totally turned on. Aren’t you my pretty girl?” she teasingly questioned. “Yes, totally. More than I’ve ever been in my life” I exclaimed. “Well, my lovely bride, I am serious the evening is just beginning”. Joanne leaned over and redid my makeup.


When we arrived at that hotel, we both went into the lobby. We made quite a show. Joanne’s husband carried up a pink luggage to the suite. The suite was filled with flowers and champagne. This was the first time, Stephanie saw herself in her bridal gown. She was stunning and beautiful. After spending 10 minutes admiring herself in the mirror (with Charlene filming of course), Joanna led her in the dressing room with Charlene. There her veil, dress, slips, and high heels boots were removed. Joanne opened the pink luggage and removed a short white peignoir and 3” white patent leather high heels. She was lead back into the living room whee she and Diane began to kiss. Joanne and her husband left. Diane led Stephanie into the bedroom followed by Charlene. Diane told Stephanie it was time for her bride to be consummate on her wedding night.

red-carpet-and-stage_23-2147508487 (1)
Stephanie dressed in her bridal peignoir

“Please release me Diane” Stephanie moaned.

“Oh, no stephanie – you’re not ready just quite yet”. Diane laughed. “What happens to brides on the bridal night? Where do they got fucked?” Diane taunted.


“In their pussy” Stepanie replied.


“That’s right Stephanie and you’re a girl now. Publically displayed for all to see. Plus everybody knows about your collection of bra’s, panties, garterbelts, stockings, high heels and dresses and how it was the best 30 days you’ve ever had. Isn’t that right, Stephanie?” she teased.

“Yes, Yes” Stephanie moaned.

“You want to stay as a girl now, dear sweet Steffie, don’t you?” Diane continued

“Yes, please keep me a girl. Keep me as a girl forever” Stephanie moaned.

“And?” Diane prodded.

“Fuck me like a girl” stephanie moaned.

“How dear?” diane continued.

“With a strap-on deep inside my pussy” stephanie pleaded.

“Say it again Stephanie, nice and loud for the tape” diane insisted. Stephanie pleaded and begged for it which pleased Diane to no end.

“I have had a very special harness made for a strap-on designed to stimulate my clit with every single thrust. I am really, really going to enjoy this” Diane laughed. She told Stephanie she be right back.

Diane emerged wearing a huge strap-on.

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Stephanie begged to be fucked until she came. Diane said that was a given. She then proceeded to thrust her strap-on deep inside her bride who was still in her chastity cage. Diane came several times. HER BEST ORGASM’s EVER.


She then proceeded to have Stephanie eat her pussy until she came at least 3 more times.


Finally she removed Stephanie’s chastity cage. Her stiffened cock sprung to full erection. She covered it with a condom and told her to try not to come until given permission. She put her strap-on back on and inserted it deeply within. Stephanie did very well, taking a very long hard deep fucking of her pussy. She kept begging and pleading to come. Diane refused to let her. Finally she exploded – the best orgasm that was ever experienced also.

Stephanie apologized and Diane just giggled. “You took it much longer than I expected. But just as I planned your bridal evening” She went back to the bedroom and returned with a wooden cane.

“What better time to teach the bride her place than her bridal night” Diane laughed. She then proceeded to administer 50 hard strokes for having an orgasms before she was given permission. Stephanie’s ass was on fire and tears were streaming down her face.

Finally, she moved in front of her slipping off the condom and dangling it in her face.

“Where does this belong Stephanie?” Diane taunted.

“In my mouth” Stephanie replied. Diane told Charlene to make sure she got some special closeups as she emptied the condom in Stephanie’s mouth. After sucking it for 5 minutes Stephanie was finally allowed to swallow.


Charlene left for the evening.


Diane took Stephanie in her arms. “Well, you may not be ready to be a husband, but you sure were ready to be a bride” she laughed.

“Yes, I want to stay as Stephanie. But keep me as Stephanie forever. Let’s get married, I want this to last forever” Stephanie moaned.

They kissed passionately. The next morning, Stephanie discovered than the pink luggage case only contained female attire. Only to her black dress, stockings, high heels for breakfast in the main dining room.

The end or rather the beginning

Note : based upon the original story from





NOTE : This story is loosely based upon the same title from author Elizabeth L. Karen.  Here is a link to her exact story.


My version follows:

My name is Charlene. A few months ago, it was a typical visit with my sister at her home.  My son, Stephen, and her two sons William and John were totally out of control.  They were running around wild, shouting, screaming, and slamming doors. My sister Kathy and I tried to get the boys under control.  I was hoping that this visit would not be as damaging as our last visit. On that occasion, they knocked a TV off its stand. It was smashed to pieces.

My sister and I are both widows.  This is not a co-incidence.  Our former husbands were friends. They went away on a hunting trip and lost their lives in a car accident. At least they had the wisdom of having extremely large life insurance policies. Plus, my sister-in-law is an excellent financial advisor.  As a result, my sister and I are quite well off financially.

My sister Kathy and I knew that we had to do something to get the boys to settle down.  Not only are they wild, unruly and disrespectful.  Their grades and schoolwork are terrible.  We are at our wits ends.  No matter how we try to get them to behave – they respond by acting more wild. It seemed to be their way of telling us that if we try to correct their behavior – we will pay the price and they will act worse.  Plus, when we had the 3 of them together, their behavior is exponentially worse.  Summertime, when we visit each other and stay together as an extended family, is an ABSOLUTE HELL for my sister and I. As we were racking our brains and trying to brainstorm how we could get them to behave, we heard a large crash. 

To our dismay, they had pulled down a large bookcase filled with books, pictures and glass ornaments many of which are now smashed and ruined.  As we comforted ourselves that nobody was hurt, my son Stephen arrogantly mocked us telling everybody “see if we aren’t hurt there is nothing they will do to us”.  I was both furious and embarrassed.  Inside I felt ashamed, weak and helpless because Stephen had hit the nail on the head.  We cleaned everything up and went home.

When we got home, I screamed and yelled at my son demanding that he start behaving himself and stop acting like a wild animal.  I told him, I was going to get school counseling which was one of the things my sister and I were talking about early today.  He laughed.  But this time I was adamant.  It was the start of the school year so I made him start seeing a school behavior counselor. 

I let my sister know. She said she was going to take a much more unorthodox unconventional approach.  So unusual that she didn’t want to even discuss with me until she knew the results.  She said, we need to not visit for a few months since this might interfere with what she was doing.  We talked on the phone, several times a week. Unfortunately, Stephen’s behavior was not improving.  In fact, it may have gotten a little worse.  The school counselor gave the stock answer, it was something he MIGHT grow out of if we continued counseling. Meanwhile, my sister Kathy, told me her sons behavior is a work in progress that is yet to be determined.

A few days ago, Kathy called me.  She told me, she was now confident that she had absolutely fixed her sons behavior problems.  She told me that I needed to see for myself. I asked her what she did and how she accomplished it.  She laughed and told me she wanted Stephen and I to see for ourselves as the “cherry on the cake”.

My son was happy to go over to see his cousins again.  When we arrived, we entered the living room.  I asked where my nephews were.  Stephen was anxious to play with them.  Kathy told me that first she wanted to show us something.  Naturally, Stephen balked and wanted to go up to their rooms.  Kathy firmly said, they will be down as soon as we look at what she wanted us to see.

She handed us their report cards.  Like my son, William and John grades were consistently D’s and C’s.  I was stunned to see that William was all A’s except for just 1 B+. John’s grades were straight A’s.  I asked her how she managed to get them to improve their grades so dramatically.  She smiled to let me know that the secret, as we always thought, was getting them to behave properly. 

I turned to Stephen and repeated it to him.  He arrogantly mocked both me and his aunt.  His comment was great instead of having some guys to hang with, now he has 2 geeks to hang with. 

I shook my head in disbelief, ignoring him.  I told my sister that it’s really hard to believe that these results come from her sons.  Kathy grinned, thanked me and said yes they are from her children.  Meanwhile, Stephen was lamenting that he had to sit downstairs and waste all this time.  Kathy broke into a wicked smile.   She called out that it was time for them to come downstairs. 

I was surprised at my nephew’s response. 

“No mom, please!” William cried from the second floor. “Please, please we’ll be good!”

“We promise we’ll be good mom!” John pleaded. “Please don’t make us come down, we beg you”

“It is either that or we’ll go for a nice long walk after your Aunt/Cousin leave” my sister Kathy called out.

I was puzzled by their conversation.  Instead of hearing them bounce down the stairs as they always did, I hear a slow tapping or clicking on her wooden stairs.  It puzzled me.  They entered the room. 

[loud Gasp] On my god Kathy I cannot believe my eyes.  I exclaimed. 

Standing in front of us was two truly beautiful young GIRLS exquisitely dressed. If I didn’t hear their voices from upstairs, NO WAY could these be BOYS.

My son Stephen started laughing hysterically. 

[laugh, giggles or both] “That’s why I wanted you to see for yourself.  Plus the totally shocked look on your face has completely mortified, embarrassed, humiliated and caused them to feel really really ashamed.  Look at them blushing profusely as they present themselves to both of you” Kathy laughed as she instructed them to make eye contact and introduce themselves. 

Hello Aunt Charlene, My name is Ashley” the first girl started.  Kathy laughingly interrupted that I might remember her daughter Ashley better as her son William. 


My name is Tiffany, thank you for coming today Aunt Charlene” the second girl replied.  Kathy tauntingly mocking that you may remember Tiffany as her son John.

My daughters and your nieces selected their own dresses weeks ago since this is their first public introductions.  They wanted and asked to wear formal gowns for this special occasion.  The girls have been getting ready for hours doing their nails, hair and makeup putting on their pretty underwear, stockings, high heels and dresses. I must say I am quite pleased with the job that you girls have done.  What do you think Charlene?” Kathy asked.


{giggles] Only one word comes to mine WOW !! They are absolutely drop dead gorgeous, stunning, and beautiful” I replied

Meanwhile my son continued his horrible behavior and antics, laughing, teasing, mocking, berating and taunting his cousins.

I could not take my eyes off the girls. 

Ashley had on a long blonde shoulder length wig, with 3 spit curls on each side of her face.   She was wearing shiny pink lipstick, pink lip gloss, pink lip liner, vibrant purple Smokey eye-shadow, black mascara, black eyeliner, long extended black lashes, powder and a light pink rouge.  Her fingernails were tipped and polished to match her lipstick.  She was wearing a matching set of long dangling earrings, bracelets, and a lovely big heart shaped necklace.  She was dressed in a stunning layered chiffon formal shimmering pink gown. The dress was a sleeveless short mini-dress that hung down to her mid thighs.  She was wearing off black stockings and a pair of stiletto silver high heel ankle strap pumps that had to be 3” tall.  Now I knew what the tapping on the stairs was – it was girl’s high heels. Ashley’s figure was perfect. Full breast shaping and a very tight tiny waist making for a beautiful hourglass shape. 



Tiffany’s was just as stunning as her sister.  She had on a shoulder length brunette wig but it was styled much more elegantly.  Her hair was styled into a lovely large bow behind her head.  The rest of her wig had layers of curls down to her shoulders.  She was wearing dark glossy red lipstick, bright red lip gloss, red lip liner, bronze smoky shimmer eyeshadow, black mascara, black eyeliner, long extended black lashes, powder and a light red rouge. Her necklace, bracelets and earrings were matching pearls.  Her dress was a long formal floor length sleeveless tight fitting gown with a front provocative slit that went up to her crouch.  She was wearing off black pantyhose clearly nude to the waist.  She had on gold stiletto high heel ankle strap pumps that also looked to be at least 3” tall.  She stood with one leg slightly forward the slit showing her full stocking leg and high heels.  Her figure was also perfect with a very tiny waist and a lovely proportional bust line forming a perfect hourglass shape. 



My spell was broken by Kathy telling the girls to go over to the couch and sit.  

The girls walked over to the couch and carefully sat down in very ladylike manners both of them provocatively crossing their legs but still trying to avoid eye contact as they blushed profusely. They were clearly totally mortified which seemed to really energize my sister.

{HmmnWOW, I have to agree with you Kathy.  You have come up with a very, very unconventional solution.  But what about school Kathy?” I asked. “Surely they don’t go to school dressed like this!”

“Oh – of course not. They go to school as William and John but at home it is strictly my daughters Ashley and Tiffany! If they misbehave or don’t study and get good grades they know I will impose complete total public exposure, humiliation and embarrassment to punish them.” Kathy replied.

And they don’t resist putting on their clothes when they get home from school?” I asked.

Absolutely NOT.  They know better and completely cooperate. There are no longer any William or John clothes in this house.  They are kept locked in portable closets in the garage.  When they come home, they must remove their clothes and padlock their closet shut.  Only I have the combinations to the locks.   Then they must change into the silk panties, lacy bra, pantyhose, and high heels that I laid for them during the school day.  That is how they must enter the house or leave the house.  Then they proceed to their rooms to pick out their dresses or blouse/skirts.  I don’t let the girls wear pants, slacks or jeans” Kathy exclaimed.

[giggles and laughs] “I was wondering if they were wearing panties and bra’s” I laughingly commented. 

[giggle} “Of course they are. Their underwear is stunning and ultra, ultra-feminine. Later on I want the girls to show you all their dresses and lovely underwear” Kathy answered.

My son Stephen mocked how exciting. 

Make no mistake it is not just the clothes, they are my daughters and must act accordingly.  Clothes, actions, and thoughts must be totally completely feminine” Kathy elaborated

{Hmmn…Gasp] “I wasn’t going to say it but I will.  They are not only drop dead gorgeous, stunning and beautiful but they are so exquisitely graceful, stylish and so perfectly feminine – stunning young ladies in every respect and they look like they are 18-20 year old beauty pageant contestants” I blurted out to my sisters delight as the girls blushed and seem to wiggle even more in humiliated shame. 

At that point, Stephen must have felt that he wasn’t getting enough attention and he not only continued to berate his cousins but went to the extreme insulting, mocking and challenging them.

I see Stephen not only hasn’t changed but is much worse.  I assume his grades are not improved either” Kathy commented and I felt totally embarrassed and ashamed to admit she was right.

Well, you know my solution and how well it works.  You really need to find one that works for Stephen also and you need to find it quickly” Kathy replied.  I swallowed hard, I was mortified and humiliated but I agreed with her.  I felt like a total failure.

Stephen then decided to change his insults from his cousins to his aunt and me referring to us as bimbo’s.

Kathy’s face turned red from anger.  She said that Stephen was setting a horrible example and trying to undermine all the progress she had made. She told us we had to leave.  She leaned over to me and Kathy whispered in my ear “Stephen is the same size as Ashley, in about 2 seconds I’m going to drag him upstairs to the spare bedroom room so you better get going”.

I got up from the chair, grabbed Stephen and headed for the door.  As he stood up and was being dragged out he reached his foot out and kicked Tiffany’s high heel knocking her off balance from her pretty cross legged position. 

That was the final straw.  I asked my sister if the offer to use the spare bedroom was still available.  She broke into a big smile and nodded YES.  I asked if she would be please be my expert coach and assistant.  She readily agreed.  


I grabbed Stephen’s shoulder, he tried to resist but I yanked him real hard.  My sister Kathy grabbed his other shoulder.  We locked his arms tightly behind his back and began to march him up the stairs.  

Kathy called out to her daughter Ashley that her cousin was going to need to borrow some of her clothes. 

Both Ashley and Tiffany giggled and applauded in a very feminine demeanor showing their complete total approval.


Dana’s Revenge Part 1 – by: Tweak

“Dana, I’m sorry. But I don’t think that we should be together anymore.”

“What, do you mean John? Are you breaking up with me?”

“Dana, I just think it would be best for both of us if we spent time apart and saw other people. At least for a while.”

“What the hell does that mean? What do you mean spend time apart and see other people?”

“Calm down, Dana.”

“What the hell. You are breaking up with me and you can’t even come out and tell me why?”

“Dana, I just thought it would be better for each of us if we spent time apart and sorted out our feelings.”

“John, we have been together for almost two years, and I love you! And now all at once you tell me that we are through!”

“Dana, I have been thinking about this for a while now.”

“How long! Have you been stringing me along all this time. John, you know that I am approaching 30 and that I have been dating you thinking that we were going to one day marry.”

“Dana, I don’t think that I am ready for marriage. And I don’t even know if we should be together any longer. I don’t think that I am the right guy for you.”

“John, then why didn’t you tell me that a long time ago. Did I waste two years of my life with a man that had no intentions of ever marrying me?”

“Dana, I don’t know what I think. I just feel as though we need to separate, at least for a while.”

“John, at least have the balls to be a man about it and just break up with me. Don’t tell me it’s for my own good and that we might get back together later.” Dana began crying and ran into the bathroom crying.

I tried to talk her into coming out but she said nothing. I finally said, “Dana, are you alright. Please come out and talk to me.”

The door slowly opened and Dana came out and gave me a hug. “John. I have to go home. I’ll call you later.” With that Dana left.

The next morning, Saturday, Dana called me and asked if she could come over and talk with me tonight. I said sure.

Dana came over about 7 that evening and when I answered the door I noticed that she was dressed to kill. She had on a leather jacket, a see-through white blouse with a black bra underneath, a leather miniskirt with fishnet stockings and high-heels!

“Dana, why are you so dressed up,” I uttered as I stared at her body.

“John, I am sorry for the way I acted yesterday. I agree that we need time apart. I just didn’t want to leave our relationship on a bad note. Let’s have one last night of fun together so that we can have good memories.”

“Dana, that sounds great to me. I would love to have our last night together be special.”

“John, I promise this will be the most special night of your life. Go into the bedroom and get ready. I’ll be in a minute.”

I quickly went into the bedroom and stripped off all my clothing. Dana entered with two glasses in her hand filled with wine. “Here John, let’s toast to our last night together.” We clinked glasses and both took a sip.

“Enjoy your wine as I get undressed.”

I slowly sipped the wine as Dana put on a striptease beyond my wildest dreams. I was beginning to get a little lightheaded and wondered why I felt this way but I was too distracted by Dana to really care.

“John, are you getting tired. You look sleepy.”

“I do feel extremely tired. I can hardly keep my e..y..e.s o..p..e…n”

“That’s because I drugged your drink you fucking bastard. I am going to make you pay for what you did to me. I hope you really enjoyed stringing me along for these past two years for now you are going to pay dearly.”

“Da..na….you…b..i..t….c…..h,” I said as I passed out.

I don’t know how long I slept and it took a while for me to remember what happened to me last night. I had a tremendous headache and really had to pee so I hurried to the bathroom to use the toilet and get some aspirin. As I lifted the lid to the toilet I looked down and saw steel around my cock and balls. I began to panic. I tried to remove it but it would not come loose. I got out a little mirror and held it underneath my balls to see what it was.

It completely enclosed my balls and dick, but there was a little opening in the end near the tip of my penis. I ran back to my bedroom to pick up the phone to call Dana and there I saw a note which said:

“John, are should I say Bastard, I am sure by now you have noticed the ‘gift’ I have left you to always remember me by. Before I put it on I asked you if you minded me doing it, but you said nothing so I took your silence to mean consent. It is the best chastity belt on the market I am told. I paid nearly $1000 for it. They tell me that it is made out of titanium and that it is escape proof. It took me hours riding around the city to find it this afternoon. They say the only way to get it off without the key is to cut your balls off with it. But I don’t think that you’ll do that, will you? And of course I am the only one with the keys. So I’ll decide when and if it will ever come off.

Before you act hastily and do anything you will regret I would think if I were you. You could even call the police if you like but that would be embarrassing and I would deny everything. And wouldn’t that make a great trial? You could call me and scream and bitch but I wouldn’t advise that. As you can tell I am not in the best of moods. If you want to speak with me in a calm and rational manner I will meet you for lunch this afternoon at our favorite restaurant at noon. By the way you can still pee in your new chastity belt if you like, but I would suggest sitting down as you do so. See ya later”

I was in shock. I didn’t know what to do. As I sat on the toilet pissing through the little hole at the end of the belt I ran through a hundred scenarios in my head. When I finished in the bathroom I went to the basement and tried several tools to get this thing off but nothing worked. It was now nearly 11 and I had to hurry up and get ready to meet Dana to see if I could talk any sense into her.

When I arrived it was already five minutes after 12 and I saw Dana sitting in the back of the restaurant in a booth. As I approached the table and began to sit down Dana began talking in a soft voice.

“John, you are five minutes late. You have been stringing me along for two years and you know how I reacted to that, and now you have the balls, or should I say, the titanium balls, to leave me waiting another five minutes. John, that was a really stupid thing to do. And for this you must be additionally punished. You have just added another five weeks to your sentence.”

Dana said this in a very controlled and soft voice. She wasn’t mad or upset. She didn’t raise her voice or stress certain words. She spoke in a very matter of fact way.

“What do you mean an extra five weeks!” I shouted, “what is this shit all about! Why have you done this to me and you better take it off or else!”

“John, please lower your voice, do you want everyone to know that you are a caged animal?” Dana said in that matter of fact gentle tone. “What are you going to do if I don’t comply to your demands? Are you going to go the police? I think not. Are you going to hurt me? I think not. If anything happens to me you will never get out and besides you will most likely go to jail where you will be someone’s ‘caged bitch’. And I don’t like the attitude and tone you are taking with me. For raising your voice I am going to add another five weeks and for threatening me I am going to add another eight weeks.”

“What do you mean add another five or eight weeks anyway?”

“Since you asked in a nice tone I will answer you. The way I see it John you have strung me along for two years with no intention of ever marrying me although you knew that is what I wanted. I have in essence wasted two years of my life. Well now its your turn. You are going to waste two years of your life. Or should I say two years and 18 weeks now. During that time you will be wearing this chastity device and will be denied access to your penis and thus all sexual pleasure.”

“Dana you can’t do that! It isn’t right or fair!” I said in a harsh tone.

“John, obviously I can do it for it is already done. And who are you to say what is right or fair. And for raising your voice at me again you have just earned another 5 weeks in your belt.”

“Come on Dana, I’m sorry for what I did. Will you please forgive me and let me go. I promise that I will make this up to you.”

“John, at least you are learning, your voice has calmed down very considerably. I am not sure if you are sorry yet or not, but you will be. And as for making this up to me, believe me, you will have paid me back in full when the two years and 23 weeks are up. John I see the waitress is bringing my food over. You see I ordered before you got here and since you weren’t on time you won’t be able to eat.”

The waitress, her name was Jill, brought Dana her food and asked if I would like to order. Before I had a chance to reply Dana began to speak in her gentle voice.

“Jill, He won’t be eating today. He was late for lunch and I told him that his punishment is that he will skip lunch today.”

“Dana, what are you doing!” I shouted.

“Jill, and besides not eating lunch today he has just added another five weeks to his chastity sentence. You see I am going to make sure he doesn’t come for a long, long time. Thank you.”

As Jill left I saw her smirking to herself.

“John, you see I am serious. I will speak my mind to whomever I wish. So please don’t think that just because we are in public that you can act in a rude way. Now please go home before I decide to add more time to your sentence. I will call you later and you better be there. You are dismissed.”

I returned home in disbelief. I couldn’t believe what had happened to me. When I first saw the device on my dick this morning I thought I was still dreaming but now I know that it isn’t a dream, but a nightmare. I have known Dana for two years now, and I known that, if nothing else, she is a woman who carries through with what she says. I continued to try to free myself but that was to no avail. At about 2:00 p.m. the phone rang and it was Dana.

“John, I am glad to hear that you are there. It would not have been good for you if you had stood me up again. For the rest of this conversation I only want you to respond with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. For each letter beyond this I will add a week to your sentence, is that clear?”

“Yes,” I was forced to say even though I wanted to say a hell of a lot more.

“John, I am going to come over in a little bit but before I do I want you to get ready. When I was at your house last night I placed a number of items in your bathroom closet on the bottom shelf under a towel. Go and get those and bring them back to your bedroom and lay them on the bed. When you return say ‘yes’. Is that understood?”

“Yes!” My curiosity was definitely peeked. I went and retrieved the objects and brought them to my bed and once again spoke, “yes,” into the phone.

“John, you are now looking at the attire I want you to be wearing when I come to your house. I will give you instructions as we go along and if you fail to follow them to the letter you will be severely punished. Is that understood?”

“Yes,” I said, but I was in horror as I glanced at the objects on my bed.

“First I want you to take off all of your clothes. Have you done that?”


“Now I want you to put on the red panties and the white pantyhose. Have you done that?”


“Now I want you to put on the high heels and the bra. Have you done that?”


“Now I want you to take the butt plug, lubricate it with the ky jelly, and shove it up your ass. Have you done that?”

“No,” I couldn’t bring myself to do that.

“John, you have one more chance. If you don’t do it then you will add another 8 weeks to your sentence. Have you done that?”

I had not choice but to comply. I greased the plug and inserted it in my ass, “Yes.”

“Now lay on the bed and put on the ankle cuffs and spread eagle your legs to the foot posts of your bed and secure the cuffs. Have you done that?”


“Now secure both handcuffs to the posts at the top of your bed. Put in the penis gag, secure it and then secure your left hand. When you are done, since you won’t be able to speak tap the phone twice for yes. Have you done that?”

“Tap, Tap.”

“Now hang up the phone and secure your other hand. Remember if you don’t do this immediately you will pay the price. I will see you soon.”

“Click.” As I snapped on the second handcuff I knew I was at Dana’s complete mercy and this scared me.

I laid there for only a few seconds before I heard the front door open and close. A moment later Dana was standing at my bedroom door wearing jeans and a white shirt. I don’t know why but at the sight of Dana I tugged at my bonds, but I was very secure, and vulnerable. Dana walked over to me and checked my restraints making sure that they were all properly locked and secure.

“My, my, what have we here? You look cute. While I have your attention let me tell you what is going to happen today and in the future. Since you no longer have access to your manhood it seems silly for you to behave as though you are a man, or at least a real man. Your penis will no longer be any good to you so it may be best for you to start acting as though you don’t have one. So I am going to transform you into my little slut.

Your new name is ‘Joannie’. You already have on the clothes but there is so much more for you to do. After I leave today I expect you to do everything I have on this list. You will shave all the hear off your body from the neck down. You will be expected to keep this hair completely off while you are caged. If you want to get your body hair removed by waxing or electrolysis that is up to you. When you are home I expect you be dressed in the appropriate female attire.

During the day that means a dress or skirt with panties, pantyhose and a bra underneath. At night when you sleep you will wear a teddy. You will also have your toe nails painted at all times and your fingernails painted when you are home. When you are at home you will also be expected to wear make-up. When at home you will wear low heels, and at times high heels. If you understand all this and agree then grunt twice into your penis gag.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. What was happening to me. I didn’t want to do any of this.

“Joannie, I am waiting for your response. If you don’t respond now you will be punished.”

“Mmmph, Mmmph.”

“Good, at least we understand each other. You will also be expected to be here when I say so. To make sure you are complying with all the ules I want you to purchase a video camera for your computer so I can see you dressed up. You will be home each night by 6:00 p.m. and you will be in bed at 10:00 p.m. You will get up each morning at 5:30 a.m. Is all this clear?”

“Mmmph, Mmmph.”

“Good. There will be more rules to follow but for now these will suffice. In the future I am sure that I will have total control over you just with my mind, but for now I am going to emphasize my control over you with a riding crop. Joannie, I am going to undo your ankles and re-secure them above your head. If you resist at all you will be extremely punished. Is that clear?”

“Mmmph, Mmmph.” I had no choice.

Dana quickly rearranged my legs which left my ass a prime target for her whip. She wasted no time with the first blow – Crack!

“Mmmmmmmphhhh” “Crack!” “Mmmmmmmmmmph”

These were no love taps and I was helpless to stop her. She continued to whip me until I lost count of the blows.

“Joannie, we are done for today. That was 30 whips. But that was only a sample of what will happen if you do not obey me.” Again, she said this in a calm and matter of fact way which was more terrifying than if she had yelled and screamed.

“Joannie, I am going let you go in a minute and when I do I want you to get dressed but leave on the panties and pantyhose. We are going to go the store. I’ll be waiting outside. You have five minutes starting now.”

As Dana left the room after releasing my bonds I quickly jumped up and rubbed my sore ass. I also removed the butt plug which was killing me. I knew that the clock was running and I didn’t have much time. I hurriedly pulled on a pair of jeans and socks to cover up the pantyhose I was wearing. I took off the bra put on a shirt and headed out the door with little time to spare. Dana was waiting for me in the car.

“Very good, Joannie, you had 35 seconds to spare. I hope you brought your wallet and credit cards for we have a few items we need to buy. Our first stop will be this cute little lingerie store I know. It will be fun shopping, just us girls, won’t it?”

I couldn’t believe that Dana was going to make me go shopping with her even though she knew I hated it, and much less making me go to a lingerie store with her. When we got to the store it was in a little strip mall and we were the only customers inside. A young lady about 23 years old approached us.

“Miss, my name is Jenny, is there anything I can help you with.”

“Yes Jenny, there is, but you see I am not the one who needs the help, it is my friend here, Joannie, who needs help. You see, she is buying lingerie for the first time and she doesn’t know what to get. Can you help her?”

“What are you doing Dana!” I couldn’t help but shouting. “You can’t do this to me!”

“Joannie, I thought you had better manners. You have just earned yourself another 5 weeks in the cage as well as 50 whips of the riding crop when we get home. Or if you prefer instead, you can go over there in the corner face the wall, pull down your jeans around your ankle and stay there while Jenny and I talk. What will it be?”

I didn’t what the extra time nor the whipping so I sheepishly bowed my head and went to the corner and did as I was told.

“I’m sorry Jenny for Joannie’s behavior. I think she is just a little embarrassed. You see Joannie has been very, very bad and I am punishing her. She used to be a man, but for the next two years and 28 weeks she is going to wear a cage around her private parts and be denied any sexual release. She will also follow a very strict regimen that I will lay down for her. I hope you aren’t uncomfortable with me bringing Joannie here today.”

“I don’t mind at all. I will be more than happy to help you and Joannie with anything you need.”

As I stood in the corner wearing panties and pantyhose with my pants around my ankles I am sure I was as red as the panties I was wearing.

“Joannie you may come over here but take off your shoes, jeans and shirt before you do. I want Jenny here to see what you are already wearing.”

I meekly removed my clothes and stood in front of Dana and Jenny wearing my panties and pantyhose.

“Joannie, don’t be shy. Tell Jenny, if you know what is good for you, what you need.”

“Jenny, I ..”

“Joannie, I don’t think you are showing Jenny the respect she deserves. Please address her as ‘Mam’.”

“Mam, I need a whole assortment of lingerie for the only ones I now own are the ones I am wearing.”

“Joannie, don’t worry I am sure that we can take care of all your needs.”

For the next 45 minutes Jenny had me trying on an array of different items from frilly pink panties to black garter belts. Thank God no one else entered the store. The whole time Dana and Jenny were just smiling at each other. The bill came to $475. After paying Jenny and being told to give her $100 tip I was allowed to get dressed. Dana had me put on pink panties and nude pantyhose. I then put on my socks, shoes, jeans and shirt. After all this was done Dana made me carry the 3 pink floral bags filled with my new lingerie back to the car.

“Thanks, Jenny for all your help. I am sure we will be seeing you again. Tell her thanks Joannie.”

“Thank you Mam for all your help” I said in a low voice.

“No problem, Joannie. You are welcome here anytime. I hope you enjoy all your new clothes. I think they make you look sexy.”

We walked through the parking lot and a few people stared at me as I carried the bags to Dana’s car.

“Joannie our next stop is the tanning salon. I want you to get a good tan. Most women like being tan, they think it makes them look sexier.”

We pulled up to tanning salon and Dana told me to wait inside and that she would be there in a minute. I waited for Dana at the counter where there was a young woman named Stephanie. A moment later Dana walked in.

“May I help you,” Stephanie asked.

“Yes, you may,” Dana replied. “My friend, Joannie and I would like to buy a package for tanning. We will need a month’s package.”

I could see in Stephanie’s face that she was confused. She thought she had heard my name wrong. “Excuse me Miss, who are the two people who will be tanning?”

“Myself and Joannie here. I hope this won’t make you feel uncomfortable but Joannie here has been very, very bad and for the next 2 years and 28
weeks I am going to let him see life from a female’s perspective.”

“That won’t be a problem at all, Miss,” Stephanie said with a hint of laughter in her voice. “Two people with a month’s package of unlimited tans will be $80.”

“That’s great,” Dana said “Well take it. Can we start today?”

“Sure no problem. We’ll put you in room 7 and Joannie in room 9. Will you need help with the beds?”

“I won’t but this is Joannie’s first time. Can you show her how to use them. And can I have a little heart to place on my stomach?”

“I’ll be happy to help Joannie. Will she need a heart as well?”

“No thank you. I have a special surprise for her.”

I followed Stephanie and Dana back to room 9. I was told to undress and I had no choice but to comply. I knew that hesitating would only prolong the inevitable and make things harder in the long run. Stephanie didn’t say anything as she watched me remove my clothes but I could tell she was laughing loudly on the inside. Stephanie explained to me how to work the bed. As I was about to lay down Dana stopped me.

“Joannie, you can’s start yet. I have an outfit I want you to wear.”

She removed from her purse a couple of items we had just purchased from Jenny. She produced a black thong and a little bikini top.

“Put these on. This way when you tan you will have tan lines, just like a woman, which will look so cute on you.”

I did as I was told although I knew I would not be able to go shirtless for quite a while. I laid down in the bed and was about to close the lid when Dana stopped me again.

“Joannie, there is one more thing you need to do. Put these two little stickers on. One above your belly button and the other below. When you tan your whole stomach will be dark brown but where these stickers are it will be white. So people will be able to read them.”

The two stickers said ‘slut’ and ‘Joannie’.

They left the room laughing as I felt the heat from the lamps beginning to make my skin perspire. I knew that Dana was going to change me in ways I couldn’t yet imagine. I finished before Dana and was forced to sit in the waiting area with Stephanie behind the counter. She didn’t speak with me but I could tell she kept glancing over at me. When Dana finished she instructed me to thank Stephanie for all her help.

“Thank you Mam for helping me.”

“We’ll see you in a couple of days, Stephanie,” Dana said.

We walked back to the car and went to our next stop the computer store. Dana informed me that she wanted me to pick up several video cameras which could be connected to my computer so she could monitor a live feed of my house to make sure I was doing as I was told.

“Joannie, I have a couple of errands I need to run. Do you want me to drop you off at the computer store and pick you up in an hour or do you want me to go in with you?”

“I can do it by myself,” I quickly replied. I didn’t want to be embarrassed any further.

“Okay, Joannie. I will be back in exactly one hour to pick you up. Don’t be late.”

I went into the store and explained what I needed to do without telling why I needed to do it. I think the guy thought I was a safety freak wanting cameras monitoring my house. This was not cheap. The cameras and the hardware I needed cost $1700. I finished with only a few minutes to spare. I met Dana in front of the store and loaded all the equipment into her car.

“Joannie, did you get everything you needed?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Very well. I am going to drop you off and let you get to work. You have a lot to do. It’s already pretty late and your bedtime is 10:00 p.m. so you’ll have to work quickly. I expect you to install these cameras and get your body ready. By 10:00 p.m. the cameras have to be up and running and all the hair on your body from the neck down needs to be removed. You also have to have your finger and toe nails painted. Here are some items I bought for you while you were at the computer store. There are razors and Nair in this bag and also some red nail polish. Any questions?”

“No,” I said. But I was worried about finishing all this in time. Dana dropped me off at my house and I carried all the supplies in the house. I worked at a feverish pace installing the cameras which took nearly three hours. It took another two hours to remove my hair, and that was not a pleasant experience. I was amazed at how much Nair stung. It also took a while to paint my toes and fingers. I finished all this around 9:30 and only had to get my teddy on before 10:00 p.m. At 9:58 the phone rang.

“Hello,” I said. I knew that it had to be Dana checking up on me. I was right. She had me explain to her how to access the images of my house from her computer. We were also able to talk over the computer so I hung up the phone.

“Joannie, let me see your fingers and toes.”

I held them up to the camera for inspection.

“Good. Now let me see that the hair is off your body. Good. Don’t worry about the hair around your penis I took care of that while you were knocked out. That won’t grow back for a long time, if ever. It’s time for bed. Leave your lamp on so I can see you while you are sleeping. You may get up to use the bathroom but that is it. Be sure to set your alarm clock for 5:30. I will talk with you tomorrow. Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!”

I went to bed and laid there, hairless, frustrated and humiliated. Here I was a 32 year old, 6’1″ 200 pound man being made to act like a girl all because a 5’4″ 115 lb woman has caged me like an animal. I was in trouble and I knew it.

I didn’t have a very restful night. I don’t know if it was from wearing the teddy, having no hair, being afraid of over sleeping or a combination of all three. At least today was Friday and I would only have to go to work for one day before the weekend arrived. Maybe then I would be able to figure something out. I got out of bed at 5:28 a.m. and the phone rang shortly after that.

“Good morning, Joannie. I hope you slept well. You sure looked pretty laying there in your teddy. You have lots to do before you leave for work at 8:15. I want you to clean your house. Go and put on your French Maid’s outfit so you can begin.”

I went to my closet and pulled out the French Maid’s outfit that we had purchased yesterday from Jenny. Included in this outwit were black stockings with a seam up the back of the leg. It was no easy task getting these to line up correctly. I was also told to wear high-heels whenever I had this outfit on. When I finished getting dressed I received further instructions from Dana.

“Joannie, I want you to start by doing laundry. Strip your sheets and pillow cases and gather all your towels together and throw them in the washer. While that is being washed you can clean your bathroom. Make sure to get the toilet especially clean, although I think in the future it may not get as dirty since you will be sitting down to go to the bathroom.”

I began my chores but found that it was very difficult to maneuver very quickly in high heels. And strangely enough every time I bent down and leaned over I felt so exposed, and I am sure that Dana could see my panties very clearly. I scrubbed the bathroom thoroughly and put the clothes in the dryer before I began my vacuuming and dusting. These chores took me to nearly 7:30. Dana allowed me to eat breakfast and remove the polish from my finger nails before getting dressed for work.

“Joannie you may remove your French Maid’s outfit but leave on the garter, panties and stockings. You can put your pants on over these and hope that you do not have any visible lines underneath. Make sure that you are home by 6:00 and changed back into your proper attire. Have fun at work Joannie. I will see you later.”

As I was walking out of the door I hoped and prayed that no one would discover my secret. And God forbid that I would get in an accident and have to go to the hospital. All the way to work I felt as though the whole world new my secret and were staring at me.

I arrived at work at 8:55 a.m. and was apprehensive as I walked through the office. The morning went by slowly and the whole time I kept expecting someone to say, “Why are you in women’s underwear?”

Since being caged by Dana I had not been the least bit horny but when I noticed Laurie walking through the office I began to feel myself getting excited. She was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Laurie walked toward me and we began talking.

“John, how are you doing?” It was strange to be called John instead of Joannie.

“I’m doing great.” Which of course was a lie.

“I was wondering if you would like to go out with me after work tonight and get a drink. Maybe afterwards we could catch a late movie.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I had been dreaming of this moment for a long time. Laurie was probably the main reason that I decided to stop dating Dana.

“I would love to do that,” I said without thinking.

As soon as the words left my mouth my dick began to ache and I was brought back to reality. This was the first erection I had since being caged and it wasn’t pleasant. I also remembered that I had to be home by 6:00 or else Dana would punish me severely.

“What’s wrong John,” Laurie asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry. It’s just that I remembered that I have to do something tonight. I had planned it so long ago that I almost forgot about it. I hope you aren’t upset.”

“No problem. This was short notice. How about next weekend?”

“That would be great,” I said although I had no idea how I was going to pull that off.

As I watched Laurie walk away my dick throbbed as it longed to be set free. The more I fantasized about her the worst it got so I had to try to distract myself anyway I could. The rest of the day went by agonizingly slow and at 5:00 I was ready to walk out the door when my boss stopped me and asked if he could see me for a moment. I thought my secret was about to be exposed but he just wanted to talk about an upcoming project.

I didn’t leave work until 5:15 and the Friday evening rush hour was brutal. I was a nervous wreck all the way home honking my horn as I weaved through the traffic. I arrived in my driveway at 6:03 and I was hoping that Dana wouldn’t notice this slight infraction. But as soon as I entered the front door the phone rang.

“Joannie, you are late.”

“I’m very sorry, but my boss kept me late and traffic was a mess.”

“Joannie, that’s really not my concern. Rules are rules you know. You do want to be a ‘rules girl’ don’t you? You will have to be punished.”

“Please don’t add any more time to my sentence. I am already beginning to go crazy. I need to be let out.”

“Joannie, what am I going to do with you. You have a long, long, long wait before you are let out, and I don’t think you have a clue yet what ‘crazy’ is. So you would rather have a different punishment than weeks being added?”


“Very well. For being late you are grounded this whole weekend and you will not have any television privileges. Furthermore, you will go to bed early without dinner. Now go get ready for bed before I change my mind. And be sure to do your nails.”

“Thank you, Dana. I will try to do better in the future.”

“I am sure you will, Joannie. Now hurry up and get ready for bed.”

As I laid there I couldn’t quite believe that all this was real. Here I was dressed in my nightie in bed at 6:00 p.m. on a Friday night when I could have been having the time of my life with Laurie. I began to talk out loud saying, “Who the hell does she think she is? Dana has no right to do this to me! I will find away to pay that Bitch back! Wait until I get my revenge! She won’t..” At that moment the phone rang. I didn’t want to answer it for I didn’t want anyone to know that I was home. The answering machine then picked up the phone.

“Joannie, Joannie. This is Dana. You better pick up the phone. Don’t keep me waiting.”

“Hello,” I said in a sheepish voice.

“Those were some powerful statements you were making about and against me. Why were you saying all that?”

“What are you talking about?” I said in my most convincing voice.

“I thought you were brighter than that. Did you forget that I have a 24/7 feed into your house with both video and audio?”

In my frustration I had forgotten that. All at once I knew that I was in trouble even though Dana’s voice remained clam and steady.

“I asked you a question Joannie?”

“Yes Dana I did forget about the videos and microphone. I am sorry about what I said. I didn’t mean it. I was just kidding. Ha Ha I guess I was just being a dick.”

“Joannie, you are right. You were a dick but the problem is you no longer have one or did you forget that too? What am I going to do with you. Obviously your punishment tonight didn’t work. Do you need me to add more time to show you that I am serious?”

“No Dana, please not that. Anything else. Pleeease!”

“Joannie do you agree that you were acting like a baby tonight throwing a temper tantrum?”

“Yes I was and I am sorry.”

“That’s good. Well then I will have to treat you like a baby for a while until you can act like a mature adult. I want you to quickly fasten yourself to the bed like you did before and I will think about your punishment. This time also add a blindfold. Do it quickly.”

I did as I was told and secured my feet, put in the penis gag, put on the blindfold and then secured my hands. Then I helplessly laid there waiting for the inevitable punishment without knowing what it would be. I laid there for about an hour when I heard the front door open and close.

“Joannie, you have not been very good and you must be punished. I am sure you won’t like it but you must know that it is going to hurt me more than it hurts you. But I will be strict so you may learn discipline. I am going to take pictures and set up this video camera for insurance in case you ever decide to act on any of those crazy things you were talking about before, but I really don’t think you will. After this weekend I have a feeling you will be much more compliant.

I tried to peek through the blindfold but to no avail. I heard Dana moving things around the room and placing things on the bed near me but I couldn’t tell what she was doing.

“Tell me again what you aren’t and what you were tonight Joannie.”

“I am not a man, I do not have a dick. And tonight I was acting like a baby.”

“What did I tell you your punishment would be?”

“You told me to quickly bind myself and to be ready to be treated like a baby.”

“Very good Joannie. You do listen to me every now and then. The first thing I want you to do is to drink this milk I have for you. Be sure to drink it all and make sure you get it all down quickly. If it takes too long your punishment will be worse. When I say ‘go’ beg me to drink it and you best not hesitate one iota or else. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Dana.”

Dana then removed my blindfold and penis gag. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the lights in the room. I quickly looked around the room and saw the video camera with its red light on. I then looked at Dana and saw the milk in her hands. But it was in a baby bottle!

“Go” she said in an almost motherly voice.

“Dana, may I please have the milk. Please let me have it.” I said this the best I could even though the thought of this embarrassed me to no end. Dana then held the bottle to my lips and I began to suck the nipple of the bottle.

“Good girl Joannie. Make sure you suck it good. When you get done with this one I have another for you. I am sure you don’t mind. I am sorry that it had to come to this. But as you admit, you were acting like a big baby. And I want to break you of this habit before it gets too bad. I will not tolerate you being a baby for the next 2 years and 28 weeks. If you continue to act like a baby I will treat you like one. So it’s your choice, but if I were you and if you have any dignity left then I would change my ways.”

Dana continued to feed me the first bottle and then the second the whole time warning me that any future childlike behavior would not be tolerated and dealt with swiftly and harshly. When I finished the second bottle she wiped my mouth and stood back from the bed looking at me.

“I am sorry Dana and I promise I won’t do this again. I’ve learned my lesson.”

“Why that’s strange Joannie. How could you have learned your lesson when it is not nearly completed yet? The milk was only the first step and by far the easiest.”

Dana then, to my utter shock and horror, produced a diaper from between my feet that I had not previously seen.

“Joannie I am now going to put this diaper on you. I don’t want you wetting your bed. You see you will be bound to this bed for the entire weekend. And all that milk I just gave you and rest of the milk I will give you these next couple of days will eventually come out. I don’t think you will be able to hold it all weekend although you are free to try. I will also have to cut your panties off to put this on. This of course means you’ll have to make another trip to Jenny to replace these. I want you to ask me very nicely to put this diaper on you.”

“Dana, will you please put my diaper on so I won’t wet my bed.” Although it was me talking it felt like a stranger was speaking these words.

“Yes, I will Joannie.”

Dana cut off my panties and put the diaper on me. She even showed me that they had Barney on the front of them.

“Okay Dana you are all set except for one thing. Here is your pacifier or should I say ‘binky’? I don’t want you to be without it all weekend. Don’t worry I will be back in the morning to change your diaper and feed you. I will also leave the light on and watch you over the computer to make sure you are alright.”

Dana then put the binky in my mouth and before she left she moved the free standing mirror I had in the corner next to my bed allowing me to see myself all stretched out wearing a diaper.

“I will see you tomorrow Joannie. I hope you will use this time to reflect upon what you did. If this happens again I will do this for a week and you will go to the store with me to pick out your own diapers and binky. Nighty, night. Don’t let the bed bugs bite,” Dana said as she left me all alone.

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The camera

The Camera

by Margaret Jeanette


Jason Truax was unpacking his fishing equipment. He was just returning from a weeklong Canadian fishing trip. It had been a very successful trip. He would have a lot of good memories from it. He unpacked and put away his clothes with some going into the laundry and the clean ones getting put away. He was in a hurry to get back to work.

He went in and booted up his computer. He was writing a novel. It was a suspense novel and he was ready to go. He read his last paragraph and got going; soon he had four pages added. He took a break and thought about where his story was headed. Fully refreshed, he worked some more on it and got two more pages done. He stopped and thought about Sophia who was coming tomorrow. She was working on her fourth book, having three published already. She would critique his work and check for spelling and grammar errors. He liked to have at least ten pages every time she came so she could see the progress he was making.

At five thirty his wife Antoinette arrived home from the bank she was president of. It had been in her family for four generations and she was an only child so she inherited it when her father passed away suddenly without warning.

He was already at his seat at one end of the table and Toni sat at the other end. Julia their maid served the meal. Toni said it was nice to see him home and asked about his trip. He told her all about the huge walleyes he had caught and how much fun it was. She told him about how nothing major had happened at the bank. They made small talk until they we done eating.

They were sitting reading the evening paper when she reminded him that tomorrow was Julia’s day off. He didn’t need reminding as he planned things when she was off. Toni reminded him to be ready when she got home, as they would be eating out tomorrow night. He assured her he would be ready.

The next morning the words seemed to flow as fast as he could type. He finished six more pages when he heard the doorbell ring. He answered the door and it was Sophia. He gave her a kiss and she headed straight for his computer. She read what he had done making several suggestions for revision and then lecturing him on when to use commas and when to use semi-colons. He sat in an over-stuffed chair and listened to her contribution.

She finished and got up and went over to where he was sitting and sat down on his lap. They kissed and soon were on his bed. They made love and when they were done she playfully put her bra on him. They laughed at that and she removed it and got dressed. He escorted her to the door and gave her a goodbye kiss.

At five thirty Toni arrived and they went to their usual supper club to eat. They had an enjoyable meal and returned home. He didn’t see her put three tapes in her briefcase as he was reading the paper. They watched some television and went to bed.

The next morning he was working on his novel when the message icon started flashing. He saved his work and checked his E-mails. There was a message from Toni. It said she had something for him and he should be in her office at two o’clock. He wondered what kind of present she had gotten him.

At two o’clock sharp he was at her office. He noticed a TV screen to the side of her desk. She was on the phone so he sat there quiet. She talked on the phone for five minutes then she hung up.

She asked, “Don’t you like it at home?”

He said, “I like it OK.”

She asked, “Then why would you jeopardize it”

He said, “I don’t know what you mean.”

She said, “While you were in Canada I had security cameras installed in every room of the house. I guess I forgot to tell you. I’ll show you.”

She switched on the television and instantly he saw himself greeting Sophia, moments later he saw her sitting in his lap and they were kissing. Then it switched to the bedroom and they were making love. Then he saw her put the bra on him and the two of them giggling. There was no sound but the pictures spoke for themselves.

Toni said, “My first thought is to divorce you. With this tape you will get nothing. You will be out on your ear with no place to go and no income-producing job. Then I saw that scene with you with the bra on and how you two laughed at that. That gave me an idea of how I could have a bigger laugh. Now do you want a divorce or do you want to hear what I am about to propose.”

He said he would listen to her proposal. She continued, “You will immediately start wearing bras, panties, and you know, anything a woman wears. How does that sound? It’s that or get out immediately. What do you say; is it out or change clothes?”

He said, “It looks like I have no choice. I will take the clothes.”

Toni pressed the button on the intercom and her secretary came in. She told her secretary she knew what to do. She told Jason to do what her secretary said or it is out you go. Toni left the office and her secretary took a pair of breast forms out of a box and attached them to him. Then she put a long line bra on him and hooked it in front. Then she told him to get his pants, shoes and socks off. He turned away from her and stripped down. She handed him a pair of silk panties to put on. He put them on. She then told him to step into something. He stepped in and she pulled it up his body. When she had it where she wanted she started to lace it up in back. She laced it completely up then tightened the laces, she tightened them twice more after that before she tied it off in a double knot. He thought he was gong to pass out. He couldn’t get a deep breath. Then she threaded the garters through his panties and had him step into some black stockings. Then she had him sit at the desk with his fingers spread. She glued some long nails on his fingers. Then she proceeded to coat them with bright red polish. She gave him four coats of polish before she was done. Then she started to work on his face.

When she was done he had foundation, light lavender eye shadow, black eye liner, mascara and the reddest lips possible. Then she put a long wig on his head. She used a hook like tool to pull his hair up into the wig. When she was done she knew it wouldn’t be pulled off without pulling a good part of his scalp. She brushed the wig to look just right. Then she brought a multi-layered petticoat and dropped it over his head. Then came the black satin dress with white lace trim. She helped him get it on over his head. She buttoned up the back and fastened the little lock at the waist. Then she tied a little apron around his waist. She tied it in a big bow. Then she helped him get a pair of black pumps with a six-inch heel on. She snapped the ankle strap clasp into its holder. She knew they were locked on.

She told him to walk around to get used to the shoes. He walked around the office. He didn’t see her push the button on the intercom. Toni came back into the room. She smiled wide at the sight of her husband tottering in his heels. She ordered him to sit down. He sat.

She sat in her chair and looked at him for the longest time then she said, “How do you like them. I expected to see tears in your eyes from laughing. You laughed when you just had a bra on I figured you would really be laughing with everything else on.”

He asked, “How long do you expect to keep me like this?”

She said, “I don’t really know. It may be a week, a month, a year or it may be a lot longer. You will wear those type of clothes until I decide you have learned your lesson.”

He said, “It is going to be hard to type with these long nails. Couldn’t you just have your secretary polish my nails?”

Toni said, “You can keep those nails because you aren’t going to have a lot of time to type for a while. If you haven’t noticed you are wearing a maid’s outfit. You are going to be Julia’s assistant. She is going to be your boss. You will do what she says and do it right or you are fired. If you are fired you are out in your nice uniform. Do you understand?”

He said he understood. She told him to go home and report to Julia. Toni’s secretary handed him a black patent leather purse telling him all of his cosmetics were in it along with his new wallet. Toni handed him his keys and told him to get going. He left the office.

He tottered down the hall and out the back door of the bank. He found it was hard to drive in the high heels. He took it real slow, not wanting to have an accident. He arrived at home and went in.

Julia greeted him as soon as he entered. She said, “It’s about time you got here. We have to get busy making supper. Put your purse in your room. When he started toward the bedroom Julia called him back. She said she told him to put it in his new room. She took his arm and escorted him to the walk in closet by the back door. He saw a cot in there and a small nightstand with an alarm clock on it. Julia told him to hang his purse on one of the hooks.

Julia put him to work right away peeling potatoes for supper. He was told to peel three, as only Toni would be eating. When he asked about when he would eat Julia told him he would eat after he served Toni her meal. Julie told him not to forget to curtsy when he served her. He asked why he had to curtsy, as she never did.

Julia said, “I was told you were to be my assistant. You will report to me and do as I say. I was told if you fail in any way to let mistress know and she would deal with it. She said you would know what was going to happen if you don’t do as I say.”

He dejectedly shook his head. She told him to set the table for Toni. He set it and then wondered if the divorce would be better. He didn’t have a long time to think as Toni arrived and soon was sitting as he waited on her with her meal. He didn’t curtsy at first until he heard Toni ask Julia if she had told him to curtsy. Julia told her she had told him to curtsy and when Julia asked him why he didn’t curtsy he said he didn’t know how. Julia demonstrated a proper curtsy and had him do it. He did one but it wasn’t real good. She sent him to show Toni his curtsy.

Toni looked as he curtsied. She told him it needed improvement and had him stand there and practice until he got it right. She slowly ate her meal as he practiced his curtsies. His legs were starting to hurt but he continued on. Finally Toni told him to take her dirty dishes away. He did a curtsy and took the dishes to the sink. Julia told him he could join her in their meal.

She set a salad in front of him. It didn’t have any dressing on it. When he asked if he could get some dressing Julie told him no as he had to watch his figure. He finished the salad and was surprised when Julia told him that was his meal. She had him do the dishes and put them away.

Julia told him he better go to bed, as he would have a busy day tomorrow. She told him if he needed anything at all to tell her and she would see that he got it if it was within reason.

He started to go toward his old bedroom. Julia stopped him. He told her he was just getting some pajamas. She took him that there was a small chest of drawers in the laundry room just across from his new bedroom door. She told him there was everything he should need there. If there was something else he wanted to let her know.

He went to his new bedroom. He was going to take the dress off but couldn’t get the buttons unbuttoned. He tried to take the shoes off but they wouldn’t unbuckle. He went to find Julia. He found her in her room.

He said, “I can’t get this dress unbuttoned and I can’t get my shoes off. Could you help me please?”

She had him turn around and looked at the buttons. She saw the little box at the waist and knew it was a lock. She bent down on one knee and tried his shoe strap. She saw it was a lock also.

She said, “Both your dress and your shoes are locked on. I don’t have a key. I’ll talk to mistress tomorrow about it and see if I can get a key. In the meantime you’ll just have to sleep in your clothes. I’m really sorry but there is nothing I can do right now.”

He went back to his little bedroom. He looked at the alarm clock. He had no idea what time to set it for so he didn’t set it. He laid down on the cot and tried to get comfortable. He covered himself with the thin blanket that was there. He must have been more tired than he thought as he fell asleep rather quickly.

The next thing he knew Julia was shaking him to get up. He asked what time it was and she told him it was after six and he had a lot to do. He got up and arched his aching back. That cot was not a comfortable bed. He tottered into the kitchen. Julia took one look at him and told him thee was a mirror in the laundry room for him to use to redo his make up.

He went into the laundry room and looked in he mirror. He then remembered his make up was in his purse in his room. He retrieved it and tried to put on some eye shadow. He couldn’t get it to look right so he washed it off. He didn’t know about foundation or any of that stuff so he left them in his purse. He did put lipstick on and was satisfied with how that looked.

He went back by Julia and she looked at him and asked why he didn’t do his entire make up. He told her he didn’t know how and she told him she would help him later in the day. She told him to get the coffee started. She told him how to make it. They had ten minutes before Toni would appear. She reminded him to curtsy when he served Toni.

Toni came in and sat down. He placed her plate in front of her and her cup of coffee and glass of orange juice right where they were supposed to be. Then he gave a curtsy. Toni smiled and told him his curtsy was improved. For some unknown reason he felt a sense of pride.

Soon Toni was gone to work and he was sent to make her bed. He was making the bed and thought about how he used to sleep there and how comfortable it was compared to his cot that he had now. He finished and as he was going to leave the room Julia came in pushing a vacuum cleaner and holding a rag and spray can. She told him to dust everything and do the floor. She then told him to do all the bedrooms as long as he was doing one.

He dusted and cleaned the bedroom. It looked good to him but when Julia checked it Toni’s nightgown was draped over the back of a chair. She told him it should be hung on the back of the closet door. He hung it up. She told him before he did the rest of the rooms he could have some breakfast.

He went down and she handed him two pieces of dry toast and poured him a cup of coffee. When he went to get some butter for the toast and cream for his coffee Julia stopped him telling him he had to watch his figure. Dejectedly he ate the toast and drank his coffee black.

Then Julia sat down on one of the dining room chairs and told him to come close by her. When he got there she told him to turnaround. He felt her unbutton his dress. Then he felt her untie the laces of his corset. Then she started to tighten them some more. When she was done he knew he would pass out. The laces were entirely too tight. He told her he couldn’t stand them that tight but she just told him not to be such a baby.

He went back to cleaning bedrooms and by the time he was doing the third one his legs were aching something fierce. He figured he only had one more to do then he should be able to rest. The last one was Julia’s room. It was very neat but she had left her nightgown lying on her bed. He looked and found a hook on he back of the closet door. He polished the furniture and cleaned the floor. Just as he finished Julia came in and looked around. She told him she had checked his work and it was excellent from what she could tell. She told him to put away the stuff he was using and to come back with his make up that she would show him how to do it right.

He put he stuff away and grabbed his purse. He went back by Julia. She sat him down at her dresser/vanity and started to show him how to do his make up. Two hours later he could do a passable job on it. She told him he could do better but that would come with practice.

They went and had an early afternoon lunch. Then she told him to clean the living room like he did the bedrooms. He went and got busy. As he was cleaning he thought about what he had done to end up in this situation. He tried to look at the positive things but the only thing he could see was that Toni wasn’t divorcing him. Then he wondered if this wasn’t a ploy to get him trained for something so she could then throw him out and divorce him.

He finished the living room and it was time to start supper. When Toni got home she was eating supper when she asked, “Julia, do you think it is right to have a maid named Jason or should we pick a more appropriate name for him?”

Julia picked up on it right away and said, “I have been thinking about that. How does Elizabeth sound?”

Toni said, “It sounds OK but I was wondering if a name like Candy wouldn’t fit him better?”

Julia said, “That is really a feminine name. There wouldn’t be any thinking that it could belong to a man!”

Toni said, “Then Candy it is! Candy, come here!”

He walked over to where his wife was sitting. She said, “I see you answered to your new name. I think the least you could do is thank us for giving you such a pretty name.”

He slowly said, “Thank you for the new name.”

Toni said, “That’s it, you aren’t going to tell us how well you like it or anything else?”

He said, “I really like my new name. It is such a pretty name, all sweet sounding.”

Toni thought that was better and dismissed him. He turned to leave but she called him back. She reminded him that he didn’t curtsy and told him to curtsy fifty times so he would always remember to curtsy whenever he came into her presence or he was going to leave her presence.

Toni had finished eating and they had had their meal and were putting away the dishes when the doorbell rang. He heard Toni call to him to answer it. He answered it and was shocked to see Sophia there. He asked her in and saw her give him a questioning look like she didn’t recognize him. He took her to Toni.

Toni told her to sit down and told him to stand at the end of the couch where she was sitting. She asked Sophia if she wanted something to drink and Sophia said a glass of ice water would be fine.

Toni said, “Candy, get your little tray and get Sophia a glass of ice water and I’ll have a glass of iced tea.”

He left and got the drinks. When he returned and had served them Toni said, ” Candy you stand where you were before. Sophia the reason I called you is to find out the relationship of you and my husband. Don’t answer as I have something for you to see.

She switched on he television then the VCR. Instantly the screen showed their activities. Sophia blushed at the action and wondered why Toni had called her to see this. Sophia chuckled when she saw herself put the lacy bra on Jason.

The video ended and Toni said, “You see I know all about you and my husband”

Sophia agreed and Toni continued, “The first thought I had was to divorce him but then when I saw you put that lacy bra on him it gave me an idea. Candy, go stand and face Sophia.”

He did and then Toni continued. “Candy lift your skirts so Sophia can get a close look at the front of your panties.”

He did as instructed. At first Sophia could not tell what she was supposed to see then she made out the form of a penis in the panties.  A very erect and hard penis. Toni told him to lower his panties so she could get a much closer look. He did so and then Toni told him to pull his panties up and come back where he was.  However to keep the hem of his skirts lifted.

Toni said, “It isn’t as if it isn’t something you haven’t already seen. That penis is the same one you saw in the video.”

Sophia understood and Toni knew she did when Sophia exclaimed, “On my god. Your maid is Jason!”

Toni said, “No, it’s Candy now – she is now a full-time assistant maid and reports to Julia”  Sophia gasped.  

“Best of all, Candy has you to thank.  You gave me the idea when after you roll in the sheets you put your lacy bra on him.  You both laughed and it gave me a great idea. Candy, Aren’t you going to thank Sophia for this?” Toni prompted.

Candy still holding up her layers of skirts did a perfect curtsy.  “Thank you so much for dressing me in your pretty lacy bra, Sophia”  Candy replied.

Sophia stammered “You are welcome, I guess”.

Julia, the head maid laughed.  “Oh, no guessing needed.  Candy has been totally erect since she got back from the bank, all dressed head to toe”.

“Oh yes, I had her dressed in the bank by my secretary.  Candy immediately became erect just looking at all the pretty clothes that were picked out and he choose to wear. Yes, Candy is all dressed and Julia’s assistant maid by his own choice.  And I think that very hard bulge under the panties speaks volumes.  Bulged for more than 24 hours.  I have never seen him, so sexually excited for such a long period.  Rather telling don’t you agree, Sophia”  Toni laughed.

“Yes – you are right.  It absolutely is” Sophia agreed.

“Candy?” Toni questioned.

“Thank you Sophia for putting your lacy bra on me and being a catalyst. As you can see, wearing pretty panties, corsets, dresses, stockings, high heels, makeup, and wigs sexually excites me.  I will always remember who introduced me to this” Candy acknowledged.

“Well, in that case.  Your more than welcome Candy. I do have to say, you are beautiful” Sophia mockingly laughed.  Julia and Toni smiled as Candy curtsy-ed acknowledging Sophia answer.

“Well, Sophia as you can see, Candy will no longer require your services.  So, this being the case, as well as the fact that you took him to bed, means your services/contract are being terminated immediately.”  Toni in a firm but somewhat formal manner informed her.

“I am sorry for what it’s worth.  Yes, completely understandable under the circumstances”.  Sophia replied.  Sophia rose from the couch.  Julia nodded to Candy.  Candy dropped her skirts and lead Sophia to the door.  When she reached the door, she turned for everybody to hear.  “Have fun, Candy” she laughed with a big smile.

Note : The sentences in this color were done by Miss Angelica Marie Gossett.  The original story can be found at:





My wife is now my Mommy. I am now her daughter

“No! I won’t do it!” I responded to my stepdaughter.

“Mom,” she whined turning to my wife. “It’s the only way I can get this finished.”

“Stephen” my wife turned to me. “The request is perfectly reasonable. Do it!”

“But I’m a man. I am not going to wear a dress, particularly your 18 year old daughters dress.”

“It’s only so she can hem it. You do want Stacey to look nice for her school prom, don’t you?”

“Yes, but…”

” She obviously can’t hem it while she is wearing it.”

“But she is taller than I am. If she uses me as a model the dress will be too short.”

It was quite embarrassing actually. Stacey was about 2 inches taller than me and Jennifer my wife was 3 inches taller.

“That can be compensated for,” replied Stacey.

“No. I’m not going to wear a dress. And that is final!”

I folded my arms and made it clear there was to be no further discussion. I knew I had to take a stand.

Jennifer my wife turned to me.

“Tell us Stephen, what happened the last time you disobeyed me?”

I swallowed hard remembering the humiliating incident.

“Answer me!” she shouted.

I jumped back.

Please. I cannot answer that in front of your daughter Stacey”.

Yes, you can and you will right now. That’s not a debate Stephen, it’s a decision. Answer me now, Stephen”

I knew from my wife’s tone and her last sentence, I wasn’t going to be given a choice. I swallowed hard. I hated saying it.

“You…you spanked me.”

“And when did your spanking end?”

“You..You spanked me until I cried”

I was mortified as I could hear Stacey laughing and giggling.   You see, from the point I first started dating my future wife, she made it clear that she would be the dominant in the relationship. She is a professional martial arts instructor. (kickboxing, jiu jitsu, judo, karate and muay thai). She is world class top notch and some of her clients include local and state law enforcement agencies who she trains.   I was and am forbidden from taking any instruction. When my future wife, now my current wife, decides that she is going to spank me there is nothing I can do about it. It’s imposed when necessary which takes little effort on her part.

“Would you like another spanking, right now?”

“No,” I whispered.

“Then remove your clothes!”

“Here? In front of Stacey?”

“Yes, it’s not her or my fault. You’ve already wasted time trying to argue. Now, take your clothes off this instant” Jennifer demanded

I knew I had no choice. I felt myself blush as I slowly stripped down to my underpants. Stacey quickly slipped the dress over my head and zipped it up the back. It was a pastel pink Quinnercera flowing long gown. Almost a wedding dress. It did seem to fit well although the waist was a quite snug.

Husband wearing step-daughters prom gown so she can properly hem it


“This won’t work,” said Stacey. “We need to fill out the top, so I can properly hem it. Plus his waist is bigger than mine. I’ll have to find a different way to tailor the dress”  Stacey lamented.

You’re right. Stacey, but we can adjust that also. In my top drawer you will find a black lacy bra. Get lots of panties to stuff into the cups of the bra. To compensate for the height, I know you had high heels in mind. I have a tight back lace waist cincher in that second drawer than we can use to reduce his waist. My silver stiletto 4” sandal heels should be perfect to fix the height.  To make sure the high heels fit properly, bring a pair of my black pantyhose, While, you are at it bring the matching black panties to my bra and my cellphone. We are going to take some pictures and videos to memorialize, your step father helping you fix your prom dress” my wife Jennifer laughed.

“And you, Stephen, once Stacey removes the dress, you’ll remove your underpants and get prepared to be dressed with what Stacey will be bringing you”

Although I suspected it would be futile, I wasn’t going down without a fight for I had a deep dark secret to protect. I waited for Stacey to unzip the dress and remove it by pulling it over my head. I ran to grab my pants and shirts and started to put them on.

“What do you think you are doing Stephen?” asked my wife.

“There is no way I am going to wear your underwear. Stacey needs to find another model” I forcibly stated.

Really, Stephen? Really? Really? You know what I’m going to do to you” my wife laughed as she quickly moved into an aggressive attack position. Even though I knew she might, she was quick as a cat. I anticipated her 1st two moves and blocked them for the 1st time ever.  BIG MISTAKE. She countered with a move she had never done to me before. A roundabout kick to the side of my head. I collapsed on the floor. Totally stunned. She then placed me into her choke hold to cut off my air.

My daughter Stacey gasped. “Wow, Mom way to go”.

I’m just starting Stacey. In my bottom drawer, you will find a single black shoe and a velvet control collar. Bring them with the clothes I told you to get”.

My stepdaughter Stacey left the room. My wife Jennifer continued the strong chokehold making me unable to speak. My daughter returned with everything my wife told her to get.


You dared to disobey me. Not only did you disobey me but you disrespected me by being disobedient in front of my daughter. You made a huge mistake and will pay dearly for it. I’m a going to release the choke hold. You will assume the position” Jennifer instructed with a sound of true anger in her voice.







Please, please no Jennifer. Not the collar and the shoe. I swear, I promise never again” I cried out while still taking the collar, placing it around me neck. I removed my underpants and positioned myself on all fours in front of my wife while still pleading for forgiveness.

Since you don’t know better. You will be given a lesson. Or shall we say for Stacey ‘s edification ANOTHER lesson but this one will be the worst”.   Jennifer laughed.

I knew what was coming.  I almost started to cry before she started.   Jennifer took the draw strings attached to the velvet collar and pulled them very tight cutting off my air again. I knew what was coming. An ass spanking with the very thick heel of the shoe. Jennifer kicked at my legs to spread them wider.  Worse than the ass spanking was the shoe meant a hard ball spanking.


Jennifer was really mad because she kept it going and going. I thought, I would pass out. My ass and my balls were on fire. I knew they were welted. Before she started Jennifer instructed Stacey to take a video of it on her cellphone. The tears were streaming down my face but due to the velvet choke collar, I could not scream or cry out.  Finally, Jennifear stopped and told me to stand up. I sobbed out loud.

My eyes remained fixed to the ground. I moved my hands to my sides. The position always required after my wife spanks me. My wife had me spin around as she ran her hands over my red welted ass and swollen balls. Even the soft touch of her hands hurt like hell.



My wife had Stacey fetch the black silk panties and hand them to me. I stepped into them and my worst fears were confirmed. Despite the pain and soreness, my cock immediately stiffened when I slid the panties over it.

Oh, looks like my stepfather likes to wear his wife’s silk panties” Stacey laughed.



Yes it does” Jennifer mused.



Wow, pretty big” Stacey observed.


Big as I have ever seen it” my wife Jennifer laughed. “of course, that doesn’t really matter Stacey. He is only allowed to use his tongue and he is excellent at it” Jennifer added.

Oh, a pussy licker” Stacey laughed.


“As well as a sucker/eater and it’s not limited to my pussy either. Time to proceed to the bra” Jennifer instructed.


Stacey giggled as she handed me the bra. She stepped behind me to fasten the lacy bra into place.

Stacey them padded my bra with the extra panties giving me the breast size to match hers.  She handed me the cincher and tightened it. My wife jennifer insisted she tighten it even more which Stacey did. Next, she showed me how to put on the pantyhose and had me step into the pair of 4” silver stiletto high heel sandals. She helped me stand as she slipped the dress over my head and zipped it up. She led me to a short stool positioned in front of the window.

It was at that point that I realized the curtains were open and anyone walking by the house could see me.

“P..please jennifer, can we close the drapes. I don’t want anyone to see me like this.”

“Absolutely not. Stacey needs the full sunlight to do the hemming. You will just have to deal with it.”

“I have an idea mom. Since, Stephen is kind of effeminate looking to start with. If if we comb his hair sideways and put some makeup on him, anyone walking by will think he is a real girl.” Stacey suggested.

“Oh, excellent idea. . But better yet. I have a long black wig. I’ll get it. Take him into your bedroom and do his makeup. Actually, take Stephanie into your bedroom and do her makeup.  Lift your gown nice and high Stephanie so you don’t trip on it since it needs to be hemmed” my wife Jennifer laughed.

“Come, Stephanie. You are about to enter the world of revlon” Stacey giggled.  In her bedroom, Stacey applied false eyelashes, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, powder, rouge, lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss as my wife watched. When she was done, my wife handed Stacey the wig to put in place.



Wow, we could put Stephanie on the runway.  She is really very pretty. What do you think Mom”.  Stacey laughed.

“Oh, I agree fully. Now, Stephanie, you will not have to worry about the open window”.  My wife jennifer chuckled.


Stacey led me by the hand into the front room and back on the stool. She went about marking the hem and waist of the dress. When she was done marking, she had me step down from the step stool and unzipped the dress. She carefully lifted it over my head and went off to sew it.

I stepped away and started to remove the bra. My wife, Jennifer stopped me.

“You need to stay dressed so Stacey can check the hem when she is finished sewing it. Get back on the stool and wait like a good girl”. Jennifer instructed.
“But I cannot stand in front of the window in a bra, panties, and stockings like this. We may get some complaints from the neighbor”

“Very good point. Wait here! And don’t touch your clothes. I will be right back.”

Jennifer was gone about 5 minutes. She returned carrying a stretchy black dress with long sleeves and a pleated mini-skirt.

“Here’s your dress Stephanie. Put in on and get back on the stool” . Jennifer laughed.

Husband wearing wife’s black dress while waiting for his step-daughter to alter her prom gown.

I knew it was not a suggestion. I slipped the dress over my head and got back on the stool.  Jennifer instructed me to turn around, so everybody passing by come see how pretty and nicely made up I was. I cringed to myself as I turned around to face the street.

It seemed like forever for Stacey to finish her adjustments. Finally, she returned.

Wow, really sexy legs. You look great in stockings and a short dress” she giggled.

The black dress was removed. The pink chiffon formal gown slipped back into place. My wife and step daughter were satisfied. It was time for Stacey to try it on for the final fitting. As Stacy proceeded to her room, I was told to put the dress back on in case any final changes to the gown were needed.

Stacey returned. I was allowed to turn around and face the room so I could give my opinion. Stacey looked fantastic in her prom gown. It fit perfect and we had saved lots of money by having my daughter do the adjustments. My wife and daughter were thrilled.

I asked if I could change.

“Wait while Stacey and I had a little chat” Jennifer instructed. They stepped away and spend time whispering with one another.

Jennifer told me that Stacey went back to change and stay on my stool until Stacey returned. Stacey returned wearing her jeans with a big smile on her face. She walked over behind me and to my surprise, she drew the drapes shut.

Stacey giggled as she stepped in front of me.

Spin around Stephanie. Lift your hem up to your waist” Stacey instructed. I felt her presence behind me as she lowered my panties and stockings .  She pulled them down to me knees. She ran her hands over the welts on my ass. “Lovely, just Lovely” she taunted as she pulled my pantyhose and panties back up on me. 


I felt so ashamed, humiliated, mortified and embarrassed as my step-daughter instructed me to face them with my dress still pulled up around my waist. On god, no I thought to myself – I was mostly erect before I pulled the hem up to my waist but now I was back to rock-hard erect. Despite, the extreme shame, I knew I had to turn around to face them as my step-daughter instructed.

Spanked, all dressed up as a girl and obviously all turned on by it all.  Hard to think of you as my step father anymore. A much more appropriate way is to think of you as my equal. Let’s see, my equal in the family.  It comes down to my brother or sister.  From now on, your my sister,  which means we need to pick out some more panties, bras, stockings, dresses, blouses/skirts and high heels for you to wear. You’d like that Stephanie wouldn’t you?” Stacey taunted.

My wife Jennifer laughed as she walked over to pick up the collar and shoe again. She told me to answer Stacey and that Stacey better be thrilled with my answer.

I swallowed hard. “Yes, Stacey. I am now your sister Stephanie. Please dress me in pretty panties, bras, stockings, dresses and high heels whenever you want to”.  I shamefully replied.  I could feel my cock begin to throb which was clearly visible to both of them. They both looked at one another with gloating looks on their face.

As Stacey’s sister, who does that make me, Stephanie?” my wife Jennifer taunted.

It took me a second to come to the full realization of the answer. “Mommy” I meekly replied causing Jennifer and my sister Stacey to laugh.

So Mom, what do you think, is it that spanking that has my sister Stephanie so turned on or the clothes she is wearing?” Stacey asked her mother.

As you found out today, this is not the 1st spanking that’s been done. At first, I assumed and thought it was the spanking. Sometimes it causes an erection for a few minutes but never this long, never this hard and certaintly not throbbing. So it’s absolutely the clothes”

‘I thought so” Stacey exclaimed. “Especially since Stephanie walks perfectly in 4” inch stiletto high heels pumps. That takes practice, she obviously has been dressed before” Stacey proclaimed.



Oh yes, the heel high’s totally gave away the fact that he’s worn woman’s clothing before. Interesting surprise. But one good surprise deserves at least 10 in return. We are going to have lots of surprises for your sister Stephanie” Jennifer gleefully chuckled.

You have dressed in woman’s clothing before, haven’t you Stephanie” Jennifer chided while picking up the choker and shoe.

Yes, Mommy” I replied knowing I had been completely caught.

It really turns you doesn’t it, Stephanie” Jennifer contined taunting.

Yes, mommy, it really turns me on” I continued

My sister Stacey stepped closer and ran her hands over my stockings. “Do we get to put my pretty, adorable sister through her paces, the complete treatment Mom?” Stacey giggled.

Yes and even more.  The total, complete absolute treatment by both of us is what she deserves.  Stephanie will learn that surprising Mommy means HUGE consequences.” Jennifer laughed

“Oh, I love it Mom” Stacey giggled


Note : this story was inspired by “Another Sissy Husband 1” on Fictionmania – the beginning is exactly the same but varies dramatically as the story proceeds.


Caught by Mommy

My 18 year old son did not want to go to the ski cabin that I had rented during his two week winter break from high school.  He wanted to stay home with his friends saying he would be bored in an isolated winter cabin.  Plus he really did not like skiing that much.




I promised him a fantastic secret surprise adding that he will definitely be really excited the entire time.  He wanted to know what it was.  I would not tell him because I did not want my surprise spoiled.  He was quite skeptical, reluctant and completely unenthused.



I took the suitcase he packed for himself through the garage to pack it in the trunk. Away we went arriving at the cabin 2 hours later.  The trip consisted of small chat but my son did seem a little depressed.  Just wait, I said to myself, you will find yourself very busy over the next 14 days.  



The cabin was quite a distance from the nearest cabin.  You could barely see it in the distance.  When we got into the cabin, I had my son retrieve the luggage from the trunk of the car while I made coffee. He complained about all my suitcases.  I did have 7 of them.  He asked where his suitcase was. I smiled and told him it must have been left in the garage back home.  He looked at me stunned and asked how I could have made such a mistake.  He was clearly angry and upset.




I had him sit down at the table with me to drink his coffee.  He said we needed to go back to his clothes.  I smiled, giggled a little, and said that wasn’t necessary.  He looked at me totally puzzled.  I opened up my purse and took out 6 photos.



“Lets see, I brought this red dress with me that you secretly wore 2 years ago.  I am sure you remember this dress” I said as I handed him a photos of him posing in my dress.



He was visibly stunned, upset and scared.  In fact, he looked totally terrified.  



“In case you are wondering about the photos. I suspected you were wearing my clothes 2 years ago.   The new digital clock I got, at that time, is also a spy-cam covering my entire bedroom.  Plus one was planted in your bedroom.  I have quite an impressive collection of photos of you dressed in my clothes.  Look at this one, in my sheer white lace see through blouse, black mini-skirt, black stockings and silver high heels.  One of my favorites” she laughed.



By now he was trembling and on the verge of tears.  He apologized and said he’d never dress again.  



“Oh, it is far too late for that.  You have all on your own developed an extreme desire, interest, passion, excitement, sexual arousal/satisfaction for dressing in woman’s clothes. Especially for very sexy, sensual, and feminine clothes.  I can tell by looking at you, that you are embarrassed, ashamed, mortified and humiliated that Mommy knows.  From what I have read on this topic, that may even make it more titillating, exciting, and erotic for you.  We are going to find out because your days of hiding this from mommy are over.  For the next 2 weeks, I am going to impose punishment to fit the crime.  You will be continually dressed from head to toe in women’s and girls every moment  in front of me” 



My son gasped in total amazement as has stunned and shocked by my words.    He literally could not speak. His eyes were wide opened and he shuck his head back and forth finally saying “Oh no”.



I laughed because his words were “oh no” but his body language was quite the opposite.  “Oh yes I can.  Oh yes I will.  Oh yes, you have to do this,   Oh yes,  you don’t any have choice.  Oh yes, you have no say whatsoever.  Oh yes, you are getting the total complete feminine treatment.  Oh yes, your new name for next 2 weeks is Angelica.  Oh yes, plus in addition to be dressed in female attire for the next 2 weeks, you are to be spanked several times for taking my clothes without my permission. Oh yes, you are also going to be my model, my maid, and my secretary for the next 2 weeks.  Oh yes, you are you going to be my pretty slavegirl”  I taunted and teased.  



I opened my purse and took out a pair of adorable silk white panties with lacy bows around the waistband and 2 rows of bows down the front panels.  “Here are your first pair of silk panties, Angelica, to wear in front of mommy.  Remove all your boys clothes and put your pretty silk lacy panties.  Do it now Angelica or the punishment gets far more intense” I sensually and erotically unstructured. 



He reached out and took his cute feminine panties.  He started to undress. 



The adventure was about to begin.