Caught by Mommy

My 18 year old son did not want to go to the ski cabin that I had rented during his two week winter break from high school.  He wanted to stay home with his friends saying he would be bored in an isolated winter cabin.  Plus he really did not like skiing that much.




I promised him a fantastic secret surprise adding that he will definitely be really excited the entire time.  He wanted to know what it was.  I would not tell him because I did not want my surprise spoiled.  He was quite skeptical, reluctant and completely unenthused.



I took the suitcase he packed for himself through the garage to pack it in the trunk. Away we went arriving at the cabin 2 hours later.  The trip consisted of small chat but my son did seem a little depressed.  Just wait, I said to myself, you will find yourself very busy over the next 14 days.  



The cabin was quite a distance from the nearest cabin.  You could barely see it in the distance.  When we got into the cabin, I had my son retrieve the luggage from the trunk of the car while I made coffee. He complained about all my suitcases.  I did have 7 of them.  He asked where his suitcase was. I smiled and told him it must have been left in the garage back home.  He looked at me stunned and asked how I could have made such a mistake.  He was clearly angry and upset.




I had him sit down at the table with me to drink his coffee.  He said we needed to go back to his clothes.  I smiled, giggled a little, and said that wasn’t necessary.  He looked at me totally puzzled.  I opened up my purse and took out 6 photos.



“Lets see, I brought this red dress with me that you secretly wore 2 years ago.  I am sure you remember this dress” I said as I handed him a photos of him posing in my dress.



He was visibly stunned, upset and scared.  In fact, he looked totally terrified.  



“In case you are wondering about the photos. I suspected you were wearing my clothes 2 years ago.   The new digital clock I got, at that time, is also a spy-cam covering my entire bedroom.  Plus one was planted in your bedroom.  I have quite an impressive collection of photos of you dressed in my clothes.  Look at this one, in my sheer white lace see through blouse, black mini-skirt, black stockings and silver high heels.  One of my favorites” she laughed.



By now he was trembling and on the verge of tears.  He apologized and said he’d never dress again.  



“Oh, it is far too late for that.  You have all on your own developed an extreme desire, interest, passion, excitement, sexual arousal/satisfaction for dressing in woman’s clothes. Especially for very sexy, sensual, and feminine clothes.  I can tell by looking at you, that you are embarrassed, ashamed, mortified and humiliated that Mommy knows.  From what I have read on this topic, that may even make it more titillating, exciting, and erotic for you.  We are going to find out because your days of hiding this from mommy are over.  For the next 2 weeks, I am going to impose punishment to fit the crime.  You will be continually dressed from head to toe in women’s and girls every moment  in front of me” 



My son gasped in total amazement as has stunned and shocked by my words.    He literally could not speak. His eyes were wide opened and he shuck his head back and forth finally saying “Oh no”.



I laughed because his words were “oh no” but his body language was quite the opposite.  “Oh yes I can.  Oh yes I will.  Oh yes, you have to do this,   Oh yes,  you don’t any have choice.  Oh yes, you have no say whatsoever.  Oh yes, you are getting the total complete feminine treatment.  Oh yes, your new name for next 2 weeks is Angelica.  Oh yes, plus in addition to be dressed in female attire for the next 2 weeks, you are to be spanked several times for taking my clothes without my permission. Oh yes, you are also going to be my model, my maid, and my secretary for the next 2 weeks.  Oh yes, you are you going to be my pretty slavegirl”  I taunted and teased.  



I opened my purse and took out a pair of adorable silk white panties with lacy bows around the waistband and 2 rows of bows down the front panels.  “Here are your first pair of silk panties, Angelica, to wear in front of mommy.  Remove all your boys clothes and put your pretty silk lacy panties.  Do it now Angelica or the punishment gets far more intense” I sensually and erotically unstructured. 



He reached out and took his cute feminine panties.  He started to undress. 



The adventure was about to begin.


Transformed from Daddy to their sister Angelica

When I opened the door to the house, my newlywed wife Rachael called out to inform me that she was in the den. She instructed me to come into that room immediately. From our conversation that morning, I knew I was in serious trouble.

When I entered the den, my wife was sitting in the Queen Ann chair. I was shocked to find her daughters, my step daughters Samantha and Jennifer, seated on the sofa.

My newlywed wife asked me if I had analyzed and focused on my behavior from the night before. The reality of my situation was that it really didn’t matter whether I had analyzed it or not. I was 24 years old, just barely older than my 2 daughters. My wife was 44 years old. A stunning, beautiful, sexy female. My wife was the dominant in our relationship. In fact, you could say she was ultra dominant and I had been trained by her to be ultra submissive starting from our very 1st date. When she tells me she is displeased with my behavior, that means I am to be punished and at her total mercy. The first stage of that being complete surrender and confession of my misdeeds to her. Since she was displeased with my attitude to her daughters this was going to be extreme. Resistance would make it far, far worse. I felt so ashamed that this was being done in the presence of our daughters. But since it was about my behavior towards them, it was quite fitting and appropriate.

I cleared my throat. “I have behaved like a bad little boy, a spoiled brat, a misbehaving child who needs to be severely disciplined, chastised, and punished”. I knelt down before my wife, eyes fixed to the ground (the required position). “Please punish me and discipline me for my behavior” I begged her as my step-daughters began to both gasp and giggle. I hesitated not knowing if I should complete the last part of my required pleading in the presence of my step-daughters. I was too ashamed to continue, so I stopped waiting my wife’s response.

That was a huge mistake. Rachael informed me that I had just dug a much, much deeper hole by displeasing her again. I had ignored my training and instructions that she had given me. I knew better than to raise my eyes or get up from the kneeling position. I tried to explain that I was too ashamed to complete the rest in front of our daughters.

My wife laughed and said that was the point of them being in the room. She insisted I complete the rest of my training. I knew I had no choice. God, I felt so humiliated and ashamed. I continued. “Please Mommy, I have been your bad little boy. Please Mommy, punish me, humiliate me, shame me and make sure your little boy understands his place. I belong at Mommy’s feet to learn complete total obedience to Mommy”

Well, our daughters burst out laughing out loud watching and listening as I was turned into Mommy’s bad little boy in front of them. I felt I needed to do something, if I could, to lessen the punishment that Mommy would impose upon me so while kneeling in front of Mommy with my eyes to the ground, I addressed my daughters. “Jennifer and Samantha, I deserve to be strictly, severely and sternly punished by Mommy for being her bad boy. I feel so ashamed that you both know but I deserve you knowing what will happen to me” I confessed.

The girls contined to laugh and said they absolutely totally agreed. Samantha asked her mother if they got to watch. Rachael smiled. Her answer both shocked & stunned me.

“Oh yes, girls you do. He dared to show your disrespect. So, I am decided to continually punish him at all times for at least the next 30 days” Rachael informed her daughters.

The girls clapped. My youngest daughter Jennifer wanted to know if i was going to be spanked in front of them. My wife laughed. “Oh for sure. Several over the knee spankings. But that’s rather mild. I am also going to cane, blister and strip his ass until he is broken into tears while you watch” she proudly informed them. The girls eyes grew wide as they exclaimed this was going to be a sight to see.

“But first things first. Samantha, I want you to go into the hall closet. You will find 4 green hangers with the clothes. I’ve selected for him to wear tonight. Bring them into the doorway of room” Rachael laughed.

Samantha jumped off the couch. She opened the closet door. I could hear her gasp, giggle, and laugh. She called out to her sister and said she is not going to believe what she sees. Samantha walked back into the room. Her sister Jennifer gasped and laughed also exclaming out loud “You’re going to dress him up in those clothes tonight?” She was seeking confirmation. I suspected I knew what she was holding up but I could not see as I was kneeling in front of Mommy with my eyes to the ground

“Tonight and continually for the next 30 days. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week meaning when out of the house, your new sister Angelica, must be wearing lacy silk panties and sheer pantyhose also. As for you Angelica, you will address your sisters as Miss Samantha and Miss Jennifer at all times whether at home or in public. You will completely obey your sisters Angelica just like you obey Mommy. Mommy instructed me to my sisters delight. Mommy instructed my sister Samantha to hang my clothes back in the closet and return. My sister Jennifer seemed confused. Mommy recognized her confusion telling her that first I needed to shower. I would have to apply the 3 bottles of Nair hair remover from my neck on down. She wanted their new sister to both look and feel very feminine.

When my sister Samantha returned to the room, mommy addressed Jennifer and Samantha. I told you girls, that within 3 months of marriage, you would see “daddy” in a whole new light.  From our 1st date, this little kneeling submissive kneeling in front of us has been intensely conditioned, trained, and cultivated.  Now, my complete total helpless submissive that I’m going to turn into my daughter and your sister.  Angelica will be getting the full complete pretty, ultra feminine, girlie girl treatment.

“So for the next 30 days,  you are keeping our new step father  continually dressed in lacy bra’s, panties, stockings, dresses, skirts/blouses, wigs, and high heels in front of us?” Samantha questioned. 

“Yes,  but your step father will be your sister.  At bedtime, you’ll be seeing your sister in a lacy peignoir or baby doll pajama’s since that’s what she will be sleeping in.  Plus, maybe a formal gown or two for some of her pictures” Mommy chuckled.  The girls clapped uncontrollably.  My sisters were overwhelmed with enthusiasm, excitement, joy and passion particularly at learning I would be photographed this way. 

“What happens after 30 days?” Jennifer asked. 

I was stunned to learn that 30 days was the minimum time.  From this point on, I was to be mommy and my sisters life-sized Barbie doll.  Furthermore, from today onward, I’m would now have to be totally obedient to Mommy, and my sisters Miss Jennifer and Miss Samantha. 

“So after 30 days, Angelica needs my permission, your permission and your sister Samantha’s permission to stop wearing female attire.  I doubt she will get it but you never know” Mommy laughed. 

“Oh Angelica, when I’m done with you, you are going to love being dressed so pretty and feminine that you will never want to take them off” Samantha taunted and teased.

To be continued…..As mommy and my sister plot my future which will shortly become as follows in the future blog postings.

Married man who becomes Angelica a cross-dressed slave to mommy (aka wife) and sisters (aka step-daughters)


Turned into a Barbie Doll Hostess

It all started about 6 months after we were married. I came home early from a business trip (unannounced) as a surprise for my husband. Well, the surprise was on me. When I sneaked up on him in the bedroom, he was standing in front of my floor length mirror admiring himself. He was wearing one of my sexiest short dresses with a pair of my sheer black pantyhose and a pair of my stiletto high heel pumps. We were both startled and stunned by my sudden appearance in the room.

As he stammered “sorry”, he started to remove my dress. I quickly regained my composure and told him not to dare take off the dress. As I got a better look, it was clear his chest was filled out. I knew immediately he was wearing one of my bra’s. I had him walk across the room to model my dress for me. He walked perfectly in 4” stiletto high heel pumps.

I asked if he had ever worn woman’s clothing before. He denied and claimed it was his 1st time ever. I burst out laughing. NOBODY works perfectly in 4” stiletto high heel pumps their first time. I taunted and mocked him for his answer given how well he walked in high heels.

Well before the evening was over, he confessed to me that he had cross dressed many times in his mother’s clothes. It was a sexual turn-on and fetish. He wanted to be force feminized, humiliated, embarrassed and totally emasculated, punished, disciplined, and dominated by woman.

Well, my husband got one hell of a spanking from me. Over my knee with the dress pulled up to his her waist, panties and pantyhose pulled down to her knees. I blistered her ass with my hair brush until she was welted, beat red and in tears. I made her go to the corner of the room hold her dress nice and high so I could photograph her blistered ass. Then I made her pull up her panties, pantyhose and dress as I photographed her tear filled eyes. While I was spanking her, I made it clear that she was being punished because:

  • She never told me about her sexual fetish and turn-on before we were married. In fact, she lied and told me off other fetishes but excluded this one.
  • She obviously intended to wear my clothes before we got married or certainly planned it afterwards since I thought my clothes were out of place a few times before that night.
  • She took my clothes without my approval.

After completing the photo’s in my dress, I made her remove just the dress. It was replaced by a short frilly lacy pink peignoir complete with matching pink lace overcoat. I then proceeded to apply mascara, eye-shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss and rouge. After taking some more photos, I marched her down to the basement. I bound her hands tightly and made her stand on her tippy toes. She was tied into place, on her toes, from the beams in the ceiling. More photo’s. I turned off the lights and left her to stand in punishment until the next morning. Next morning more photos. My poor spouse was quite broken by that point. So what did I do? I blistered her ass some more. This time with her belt with a video cam recording of it. I left her in tears totally trembling for another 4 hours. She was being given a true punishment and lesson.

After that, I released him. I made him promise never to dress in my clothes again. He was warned if he ever did, the photo’s and who may get them would be his worst nightmare.

Well, a year later I began to suspect he was at it again. I installed a hidden camera. It took a few more months, but I saw him on film dressing in my clothes again.

Well, the truth is I had thought about what to do if I caught him again. I did research on cross-dressing sexual fetishes by heterosexual males. Often tied to female domination, discipline and control. Also, a fetish that never went away and always returned.

So when I saw the film again, I was not surprised or mad like the last time. I did have a plan. If my husband wanted to wear dresses in front of females, be embarrassed, humiliated, mortified and disciplined, it wasn’t going to be by me. But that didn’t mean, I wasn’t going to force feminize him her. I had every intention of that. If she wants to wear dresses and be embarrassed in front of other ladies, I could arrange for that and make her pay the price. I had a good plan in place.

The next morning, I started to make some calls. The 1st 3 calls, were total busts. The 4th call, the owner of the business laughed hysterically. She thought the idea sounded quite interesting. We got together. We laughed some more and she said she wanted to give it a try. We discussed the financial terms and she drew up a 1 year contract including strict penalties for non-performance. I told her the contract was fine but insisted that she put in a clause allowing her to unconditional extend the contract for 2 additional years at her sole discretion.

That evening when my spouse came home, I showed her the new pictures of her wearing my clothes again. I told her, punishment to fit the crime would be her pictures on Facebook for all to see or her signing the contract as a entertainer. I would not let her see the details of the contract. She had little choice but to sign it but before she did off to a public notary. Nice and legal.

She was stunned learning after I dropped the contract in the mail what the obligations were. I started by explaining, that the contract was very similar to a standard male stripper contract for a firm that specialized in woman’s parties particularly bachelorette parties. As one of the entertainers, he would provide similar party services to female parties. The difference was he would not be a male stripper. Instead he would provide a different more unique service.

He, would be their life size Barbie Doll hostess, bar maid, waitress, singer, dancer, entertainer and servant for the evening. Dressed in totally white bridal underwear including including tight panties (which make quite an uplifting sight), bra, tight back lace corset, garter-belt, stockings, high heels, wig, makeup, nail polish with a long flowing white bridal veil. 

For the more modest bachelorette party dressed in the bridal peignoir below.

red-carpet-and-stage_23-2147508487 (1)
My cross dressed spouse in her bridal peignoir ready to perform her bridal hostess services for bachelorette parties

The bridal waitress option for a provocative unique bridal bachelorette party that most grooms feel quite comfortable with. To be ogled, pinched, touched, taunted, teased, mocked however the room of wild or even drunken party girls wanted as long as the panties and bra stayed on. The girls attending the party would have full access to a white sparkle collar, leash, hairbrush and paddle if they wanted to up the action a notch. Songs would be custom lyrics to popular music such as “Wow, I feel like a woman”, “I feel pretty” or “I am woman”. Her dance routines all done in her high heels.

Yes, my husband would not stay out of dresses and wanted to serve females, be embarrassed, humiliated and made fun of. Chrissy is getting the full dose of what she dreamed about.

Chrissy is building a word of mouth fan base and becoming a popular party option, She is paid quite well. I did negotiate a good rate for her services. I also made sure she didn’t have to deal with any of the male strippers should a party include both her and male strippers.

Saturday night, unbeknownst to Chrissy, I will be attending a bacholerette party that she is hosting. It’s for one of my sorority sisters getting married in a few weeks. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.  The leash, collar, hair brush and paddle will get a nice workout. I will make sure of it.

Plus, unlike my spouse I told him of my kinky fetishes before we were married. Included was how I and some of the girls occasionally passed the time with some strap-on fun with each other.

I have reserved the back private room for during or after the party. Chrissy is going to be personally introduced to my strap-on, on the table in the center of the room, for at least an audience of three of my closest sorority sisters.

Who knows what may happen? Maybe we will play strap-on roulette with Chrissy as the center of attention.

A good wife makes sure her husband gets his just rewards and all his desires satisfied. Forced feminized for the next 3 years by contract. On display for all to see. Put through the paces of embarrassment and humiliation several nights a week. All done nice and socially acceptable while providing a nice supplemental income.


Here comes the bride

the bride

On my god !  The ultimate girls dress.  Yes, I must wear a bridal gown. I cannot help myself.  I am not complete until I wear the ultimate woman’s dress with perfect bridal underwear.  The above image is from my trial fitting.  What an intense over the charts sexual turn-on to look at myself in the mirror.  Yes, the time has come to dress as a bride complete with a full hoop skirt to accentuate my bridal gown and veil.  I want my bridal pictures to be perfect. 

I have become such an ultra feminine girly girl. I want to share my story with all of my readers.

April 2010.   I decided to converse and interact with a female who has feminized thousands of other men.  The internet is a wonderful thing.  After interviewing me, Mistress – my trainer, informed me that she was going to psychologically, emotionally, & intellectually turn me into a complete girl.  Privately, I scoffed at her.  A life long cross-dresser who was an expert at controlling this side of me.  She was living in fantasy land. 

What I did not realize was I was exactly like Mr. Spock.  Half Vulcan – Half Human.  Neither side to go away. A constant battle where the human side was kept under the control of the Vulcan side. 

The same is true for many heterosexual’s who have a cross dressing sexual attraction and fetish.  Two sides, and the girl inside is kept locked up.  But she never surrenders which is why cross dressers always wind up putting on girl’s/woman’s clothes again.  But what if you lose control of this side of you?

Well that’s exactly what my trainer did.  She unleashed the girl inside and freed her from her mental prison.  From the very 1st moment, I begged my trainer to be turned into a girl complete with a girl’s name, the girl inside of me was totally freed. 

Over the course of the next year, my trainer and the girl inside had begun their revenge.  Just as the girl inside was kept in a cage and prison, the male inside would now be kept the same way.  But their prison was much more devious. Not denial but indulgence.   Not a chastity cage but a silk prison of panties and sheer pantyhose (see my prior post on chastity belts). A prison that would never be resisted.  One that would be sought to stay instead of a prison fought to get out of.

Within six months, I was continually wearing silk panties and pantyhose 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A continual reminder of my silk cage.  Within a year, my fate had been sealed. Total complete male emasculation and complete feminization would be my fate.  I cannot bear to take off my pretty silk panties or pantyhose anymore.  I will not take them off.  I adore wearing them too much.  

October 2017 marks the start of my 8th year in my continual silk prison for which I will stay for the rest of my life.  The male inside is now a Barbie Doll, the princess to the girl that was always inside of me – my whole life. 

The evolution continues.  Back to the days of Mommy’s clothes to remind me of what I always wanted.  Forward to the days of more and more feminization.

Yes – my desire to be in a bridal gown are far too intense to resist.   You want to dress as a girl – well time for me to wear the ultimate dress – a bridal gown.  Having been raised old fashioned in the era of virgins – what happens to a bride after her public display in her bridal gown?  Her pussy is to be fucked on her bridal night.  Plus, she is to be continually fucked on her honeymoon.  Yes, I have never cum as a result of my pussy being fucked. After my bridal gown photo’s, I will surrender my pussy to the girl inside of me.  I want her to fuck me in my pussy until I cum for her.  Then I will lick, suck, eat, and swallow every drop of my cum to show my submission to her. Finally, once my virgin pussy is fucked until I cum that begins a new era.  One in which my only orgasms will come as a result of my pussy being fucked.  Yes – the total male emasculation evolves and continues.

One thing everybody seems to get’s wrong.  The stereotype of a cross-dresser is they must want to be with a man and suck his cock.  That presupposes that they don’t want to be a lesbian girl. 

Yes, I am a girl but a lesbian who wants her pussy fucked by other girls. 

The pussy is the center of power to be served 























Caught Shopping in Frederick’s of Hollywood by a Neighbor

It was years ago. I was in my early 20’s. My parent had gone on vacation. My sisters were married and had moved out. I had the house all to myself for 3 weeks after work and all weekend.

I just could not resist my cross dressing desires but Mom’s clothes were too old for me. I decided I would go to Frederick’s of Hollywood (before they closed their retail stores) and buy myself several complete outfits. To make sure, I did not run into any neighbors, I went to a store 75 miles from the house. I planned to pay cash.

I entered the store early when it opened. Yes shopping for myself was embarrassing and humiliating. Doing it before it got crowded would make sure I didn’t get scared out of it. But the truth is the embarrassment and humiliation made it even more exciting. I didn’t notice the 2 woman behind the sales register as I started to shop. When I looked up one of the salesladies was approaching me asking me if I wanted help. I told her no. She said I should feel free to bring things up to the counter after I selected them. She could check me out all at once. She explained she needed to be by the register anyway as the other woman was working in the back room. She was pretty, sexy and hot probably in her mid 30’s. This made it even more exciting.

Well, bringing the hot, sexy attire to the counter with her approving smiles was like a dream come true. I went to town buying 3 sets of bra’s, panties, garter belts and stockings. 2 back lace corsets. I added 3 dresses and 3 nightgowns. Then I got really bold and asked her for a pair of high heels in size 10. Luckily she had them in my size.



I had finished paying for the clothes in cash. The saleslady continued to have that lovely smile. As she handed me the change, she giggled and said Karen would be putting them in shopping bags for me.

Coming in from the back room was a very hot young girl dressed sensually and provocatively. She had to be 20 or 21 years old but she was truly amazingly stunning.

OMG, then I saw the face. I knew her. It was Karen Johnson – a girl who I had played with since age 5 – a girl who lived just 6 homes away from me. A girl who not only knew me but we had the same childhood friends, our mothers knew one another, and she knew both of my sisters. Karen had a very sensual but wicked smile on her face.

Hello, Chris. Shopping a little bit far from home, aren’t you?” she chuckled. I was stunned, and speechless. “Don’t you recognize or know me?” she teasingly stated.

Ah, Um, hello Karen” I stammered feeling my face begin to blush.

That’s better, I thought you forgot me. Let’s see what we have here. Oh, what lovely cute lacy sexy bra’s with adorable matching lace trim panties. Plus matching garter belts and sheer lace top stockings. I just adore satin back lace corsets also. Somebody is being dressed to kill with these outfit(s). I didn’t know you had a girlfriend. I have to find out all about her from your sister Kerry, We are Facebook friends” Karen informed me.

OMG, I didn’t know what to say. I could not have her contact Kerry.  I told her that my sister and my mother didn’t know about her.

Karen smiled quite provocatively. “Oh, you are keeping her hidden, all locked up, in secret. Is that it?” she giggled.

Oh god, did she know? I smiled and told her yes. Karen chuckled and said she’d love to meet her,

“Okay, Let’s make sure, we have the right sizes for her. Bra’s and corset’s in particular can be very tricky fits. This corset size is 30”. Do you know for sure that her waist is 30” Karen sensually questioned.

Y, Y, Yes, that’s what she told me” I stuttered. Oh, god I felt so embarrassed but I had to bluff my way through this.

Well, she really does need to try these clothes on” Karen exclaimed.

I swallowed hard not knowing what to say. I could feel my face blushing even more.

She leaned over and motioned for me to lean towards her as she started to whisper. “Let’s see the lace top stockings size large for somebody 5’8 – 6’0 feet tall weighing between 125 lbs – 160 lbs. Size 10 high heels, A corset for a 30” in waist. I know these lovely feminine clothes you picked out are for to wear. Isn’t that true Chris?” Karen whispered.

I was stunned by her directness. All I could say was “please, Karen”.

Please don’t tell anybody like your sisters or either of our mothers?” she giggled.

I was so ashamed and just repeated “please”.

She giggled and laughed. “One of my most exciting memories of childhood is wrestling with you. Pinning you to the ground and having you helpless underneath me. It really excited me and you loved being helpless for me. I know you did. Well, Chris, today is much much more exciting. When you 1st entered the store, you didn’t notice me. I slipped into the changing booth. I have at least 20 cellphone pictures of you picking out your pretty feminine clothes. I’ve really got you pinned now. You either do everything I tell you or your mother and sister are not only told everything. I’ll send them the pictures” she firmly but sensually taunted.

Oh, please. No, Karen. What do you want me to do? I gasped.

Starting right now, you are my Barbie doll. You are going to be dressed so pretty for me. So Chrissy, you are going to go into the back room and model your pretty clothes for me. I want the look to be just perfect” she laughed.

I knew I didn’t dare disobey her. I picked up all the clothes and headed to the back room with Karen. Once we entered the room, Karen told me to remove all my clothes and hand them to her.

As I slipped down my pants, she saw my black pantyhose and pink panties and began to laugh out loud. She told me to pull the pants back up, She picked up her cellphone and told me to pull them down again. I objected and asked her please, no more pictures. She laughed, mocked and taunted me. “You don’t have a choice Chrissy. You belong to me now. You are my pretty Barbie doll. I’m not going to take lots of pictures of my pretty Barbie doll today”

Resigned to my fate, I slipped my pants off. I was totally completely erect and my panties had a huge bulge. Karen laughed some more as she focused several shots on my crotch area.

I had a feeling it was going to be a very long day. Yet – I was EXCITED and TURNED ON Beyond anything I had ever felt before.